Thursday, May 25, 2017

Magical smiles, my daddy's heart & I'm ready for 2018!!!! {Thankful Thursday #126}

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This week I am Thankful For:
{Numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal / just ignore}

354 / Sweet message.
I so loved that one of the girls I did her Senior pictures, sent me this IG message. I loved she shared with me her invite with her pictures on it. I had met her the day I did her pictures & she was just the sweetest soul. I saw she won Prom Queen &her boyfriend won Prom King. I was so happy for her.

356 / Daddy OK.
So my dad had to go in for a heart cath last week & ended up getting 2 more stents put in.  He's been having problems breathing & they said this was a big reason why.  He's got some blockage still in other arteries but they are saying with medicine & change of diet, it should take care of that.  So I'm glad he went & got checked out & everything went well with this.  Now, to make sure he sticks to that heart healthy diet! #waggingmyfinger  He sure does love his fried foods.  He & his Fry-Daddy could be considered best friends.

358 / MSM Friday Night Chat.
I mentioned this Monday... but loved these girls took time out of their Friday night to come down & sit at my house & chat & gab about life & fun & the weekend plans.

359 / Seeing my past clients.
I did this couple's engagement pictures, their wedding, their first daughter's pictures so I was so happy when she scheduled with me to do family pictures. I just love staying connected with people.

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360 / Chasity's help.
See that little girls smile above?  It was a doozy to pull out. Her mom & dad said she is not a smiling person for pictures so they didnt expect big smiles in the pics & totally OK with that.  Well, I knew having a almost 2 year old, I was going to need assistance.I try not to bother Chasity ever since she's become a mom of 2 & still working full time & use her mainly for weddings... but I also knew I could use her magical help & plus, Chasity & this beautiful momma knew each other from high school so I knew they would both love to see each other as well. & as you can see from the picture, Chasity's magic did indeed work.

361 / Perfect timing.
I also mentioned this Monday but let me tell you - we could NOT have timed this photo session better for the weather & the rain & hail that came in.  Whew!!! I usually walk my clients down a pretty long path to get pictures down by a lake... & I saw my weather app & thought we'd better not. If we did, we would have totally gotten caught in the horrible weather. & when I say horrible, I mean, a tornado hit not too far from us - HORRIBLE!!!!  Thank you Lord for discernment! ... & a great weather app.

363 / Dinner with friends.
It was great getting to spend some time with our friends after the photo session.  We need to do it more often.

366 / All the outside reading.
I'm still thankful for this.... & will be until the humidity kicks in.  It'll probably be on my list every week until then.  #sorrynotsorry

368 / Running.
I havent been much into running since my half marathon but needed to do some cardio & also didnt want to miss out on the gorgeous evening - so went for a run... & it felt really good.  I love when running feels good.  I think the pressure of training is off & I can just enjoy it a little bit now. I may have to dabble back into again.

370 / Erin Condren Planner.
Yep... I already got my 2018 planner!!!! The week they released the new ones for the year, they were offering some freebies & I had a coupon for $25.00 of a planner #GoMe so I had to take advantage of it & snag up early.  I mean, I ordered it about a month ago & it just came in this past Tuesday - so I'm glad I got the jump on it.  Plus, I really do have to write down 2018 dates early when it comes to photo sessions so I am glad to be on the ball & not live off post its for future appointments.
Plus - isnt it so SUPER CUTE?!?!?!!?

Tell me something good about your week!!!

Thankful for my new badge too - isn't she pretty!!


  1. Love your new 2018 planner. So cute. And I love your new badge. I'll try to remember to use it next week. I'm in the car doing this on my phone. Have a great day!

  2. Cute planner! I miss using paper planners ... I used them all the time in school and loved getting new ones each year. It's not at all as satisfying to key in info to my Google calendar. And yay you on the run! I think I'm going to have to start running again before my training program starts in mid-June. It's either go for a run or go crazy.

  3. Idk how y'all do it! We had pics made for my mom's 60th and idk how the photog was able to get smiles out of the grandkids: 2,3,7, and 8, but she did! I'm thankful I get an extra 30 min of time today to get stuff done.

  4. Love it when the pressure of training is off, and it's fun to just run and remember why you love running and why we all need breaks sometimes.

    I love seeing you connect with, so passionately and so excitedly, your photography clients. You have such a gift for bringing out the joy and smiles.

  5. It's so nice when running feels good! It definitely helps to not have any pressure and just run for fun, not training, especially after you've been training for a while. I love that photo of the family, so cute! That's great that you can continue to see people you've photographed before as their families grow :)

  6. I'm glad your Dad is doing better! It's so unfair that so many of the yummiest food is some of the worst food. Oh, I love your planner. It's gorgeous! The humidity is one thing I don't miss. It can' get "humid" in LA but not like Midwest humid. :D

  7. By the way, so glad your dad is doing well.

  8. Love your new badge! I'm thankful for Thankful Thursday.

  9. Love your new planner! I just recieved a giftcard to buy one, so excited to get a 2018 planner. Thinking of going with a smaller one though, as I usually carry it around with me in my purse. Don't want anything too cumbersome. Glad that your dad is doing better, your pictures, friend, are amazing! Anyone is lucky to grab you as their photographer.

  10. I hope things are going well for your dad.
    When I read the title of your post and it did you were ready for 2018, I thought "oh no, not already. There is still so much to love about 2018! " I'm glad to see you were only referring to your planner!

  11. I usually get my planner in Aug. or Sept. This year I did Plum Paper but I want to research a bit into others. How do you like yours? :)
    Love that picture of that little family. So adorable!

  12. I am so glad that your dad is ok. Scary stuff. I love that planner.

  13. It's been so nice outside lately, right?? I love that your past clients keep in contact :) just goes to show you do a good job! Love your planner. I'm thinking I'm going to need one for 2018!

  14. I was almost super tempted into buying my new planner now but chances are I'll find a new design I love later, so I'll wait til November ish.

  15. Glad to hear the good news about your dad! That planner is so cute! I've always wanted the Erin Condren one! Might have to pull the trigger this year!


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