Monday, May 15, 2017

The weekend we celebrated moms....

What an amazingly beautiful weekend!

Why cant they all be like that?  Am I asking too much?

Friday kicked off with me stopping at Starbucks where I though I was going to THROW DOWN... not really... but dont mess with my drink.

The line, as usual, was wrapped around the building.  Happy Hour is a legit THING at our small Starbucks & they've been having a hard time keeping up it seems. So I figured I'd go in & order... only to find the line long in there as well.  #firstworldproblems

But I place my order & sit at a table checking my phone when I noticed the people after me were getting their names called.  What happened to my drink?  It was then that this lady that ordered in front of me, I noticed her drink & thought I saw my name on it.... I think she saw me looking at her & tried to figure out why I was giving her the stare down.  It was a few minutes later that I noticed she took the drink up to the counter & talked to the cashier & told her "This isn't my drink"...

The barista had to make my drink over & lo & behold, her drink was sitting on the counter already to be picked up... It didnt even look like the same thing. I had a grande mocha frappe - she had a like a venti vanilla frappe. Something you wouldnt get mixed up. She basically ended up drinking a full free drink.

Starbucks thief!!!!
Needless to say, I spent nearly a half hour of that happy hour waiting for my drink.

I spent Friday night getting caught up on my DVR shows - OHHH Scandal & Grey's Anatomy... Shondaland has me all in a frenzy.

Saturday, I ended up sleeping in till 8am. I cant tell you how long its been since I've slept in that late.  It was perfect weather to sleep in with the windows open & a cool breeze & the dogs all snuggled in.  Perfect Saturday sleeping weather.

I got up & cleaned up around the house a little & then started working on some projects.  I ended up doing something for a friend... I cant talk about it yet because its a surprise... but I ended up loving how it all turned out...

& then started working on more lettering projects.

I tried this time doing hand lettering with a paint brush. SOOO different.  I dont care for using paints on canvases because the canvases are so "bumpy" & the paint seems blotchy to me & seems to 'skip' on the bumps of the canvas.  Its all a learning experience.

Maybe I need to try new canvases?

It was time for me to do my virtual 5k with my buddy Nathalie - the Best Friends Forever 5k.

We had planned on doing this for awhile but my friend totally jacked up her ankle after a fall. & when I say jacked up, I mean she has pins holding her ankle together now.  That's jacked up.  But she's all about keeping a strong body & mind & she has been healing up so nicely & quickly after everything she's been through.  So we planned on the date to knock this race out together...

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling

it's so much fun knowing you are doing a run while your friend is doing it as well.

I always love when we send each other pictures of our race & just the support of one another.  I just love this lady oodles & oodles!!!

It felt good to run to. A 5k is so much nicer than 13.1 miles. SO MUCH NICER!!!

It was just the most beautiful day... & it was so funny because I was running up at the local middle school & noticed someone playing tennis... come to find out, it was my niece playing the end of a tournament! What were the odds of that?

Look at those skies!!!!

I ended up leaving my 5k to head down to find a gift card at a local coffee shop I've never been at for a friend's birthday ... only to spend 30 minutes finding this place &  get in there & was told they were sold out of gift cards. COME ON.... its Mother's Day weekend - how do you run out of gift cards?!??!?

But not all had failed when I walked out & back to my car & found a yarn store!!!


I used to visit this yarn store when it was across town but never knew where they moved to.... this is dangerous I know now where its at.

After fighting traffic to get back out of the downtown area, I went to pick up some dinner for Ricky & I... I have been so addicted to the salads at Topp't lately.  They are THE BEST!!! ... I actually want another one now just thinking about them...

I spent Saturday night watching Me Before You & crying harder this time than the first time I saw it... man... in the heart with the feels. Will Traynor forever!!!

Sunday - Mother's Day....

I ended up stopping at Starbucks before church & grabbing another iced coffee... & again, it took about 20 minutes to get my drink. This is getting a little crazy - its not even Happy Hour at 10am... geez...

Youth group was down a lot in attendance... I figured everyone was spoiling their mommas.... but it was such a good message on how we need to be praying for others.  We had a small group of girls & it was the best getting to really chat about real life stuff with one another.

I left from there to go celebrate with my momma...

My brother & his gang were there but couldn't stay long since he works 3rd shift & he needed to go get some sleep.  But my nieces stuck around & we had fun playing some games & they drove around their Papaw's lawn mower & checked out the pond to see if something was moving in it.

Look at that bottle up in the air #bottleflip

We drove up to McDonalds to pick up some food with all the girls & then I had to drop my nieces off at home so they could go to dinner with their other grandmother.

I got to spend some more time with my momma & daddy & then headed home to my fur babies...

It was such an amazing evening.  The heat is coming in this week so I took total advantage of the cool evening with a book & my doggies & soaked up the fresh air.

Oh, my little blind boy listening to me saying his name.... poor guy

I got a phone call from Julie & the boys wishing me a Happy Mother's Day & getting to catch up on life...

& then it was just time to settle in to get ready for a new week... yeehaww #totallysarcastic

So how was your weekend?

What did you do for Mother's Day?

Is it still cool in your area or has it turned to summer yet?


  1. Your mother is beautiful, Rebecca Jo! I heard last week that this was the last season of Scandal. We watched the first four seasons, I think, and then got behind and never caught back up! Maybe soon!

  2. that yarn store!!! i would have fainted from all the yarn things.

  3. I LOVED the book "Me Before You" - I cried like a baby. The movie, however, I turned off after the first half hour or so. Just didn't connect with the characters. The book.. ugh.. that book. So good.

  4. I'm so behind on watching pretty much anything. I guess it's a good thing I don't have a DVR because it'd be filled up all the time. My list on Netflix is ridiculously long ... The weekend was bittersweet ... guess I'll get used to it. I did enjoy the weather though and hated that we turned on the A/C yesterday afternoon -- I love sleeping with the windows open! DEFINITELY not ready for high-80 temps this week!

  5. That yarn store is beautiful; I love going into yarn stores and seeing all the different colors. We went to one in Ireland, I think? Also, that fiasco with the Starbucks drink; I wonder how often it happens?

  6. What is up with the long coffee wait times? That would kill me.

    Lovely weather for you, glad you got to spend a lot of time outside enjoying it!

  7. Sounds like a fun weekend! Sorry about your drink, but at least they re-made it for ya. I agree the weather has been so nice here too which just makes weekends so much fun. :) I love your canvas, and it looks like a nice mother's day with your family! We just did ALL THE GRADUATIONS this weekend. Bleh. ahha glad it's over! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  8. I love those pictures of your momma! So beautiful <3 So glad you had a good weekend and way to get another medal girl! SO awesome

  9. This seasons Scandal is so good - as is Grey's I cant wait to see what happens!! What a crazy line to have to wait in for coffee -people wanting coffee is never a good thing LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  10. Your mom is so cute and I'll bet just as beautiful on the inside like you are! I bet you were like a kid in a candy store in that yarn store! Have a wonderful week sweet lady!

  11. Look at all that yarn! I still need to watch Me Before You. I just adored the book and I know I am going to bawl my eyes out so I guess that is why I have put it off. Starbucks and I were about to go at it on Friday too! What is the deal???? I went to get an iced coconut milk mocha machiatto (which is freaking heaven by the way) and they gave me a regular caramel one instead. While I like them, it wasn't what I wanted!!!!! I was in the drive thru and Z was about 30 minutes past her nap so I wasn't going to ask for a new one.

  12. What a lovely weekend! Mine was really low-key and I loved every minute of it. I actually felt recharged by the end of it. I spoke to my Mom yesterday but it's not quite the same as being there in person. It's really the one thing I truly miss living so far away from family. I always think long lines at coffee shops are dangerous. I mean you have a bunch of people in dire need of a caffeine hit. What could be scarier? :D

  13. Sounds like the perfect weekend except for the the waits. Wasn't the weather just gorgeous. It could stay like this for always and I'd be happy.

  14. sounds like a pretty good weekend other than the Starbucks craziness. I can't believe you waited that long twice in one weekend. I understand happy hour but not on a Sunday am.

  15. My husband and I started running last week because he has to do 1 mile 1/2 in less than 16 minutes. Sounds super easy right? Wrong! haha I thought since I'm a pretty fit person that it'd be a breeze to pick up running again, but seriously kudos to you, I thought I was going to die lol.

  16. It's always so disappointing when stuff like that happens when you're waiting on food (or a drink). I can see what you mean about the bumpy canvas texture, but your lettering is soo good & the sign turned out awesome!

  17. Awww... It sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day! I hope your fur babies gave their puppy-momma some extra lovings, too ;)
    We're getting a Starbucks here at the end of the month (FINALLY) and I'm nervous that it's going to be crazy slow and terrible. Mainly because I don't trust the people in my town to be efficient Starbucks baristas. That's terrible isn't it.... I hope they prove me wrong!

  18. The dogs are so adorable. There are some annoying people at Starbucks. I hate when someone glares at you because you stood within five feet of their if I really want to steal their novel or screenplay, hahahahahahaha!

  19. You have a beautiful momma!
    I LOVED LOVED LOVED Greys Anatomy I watched about the first few seasons but when I started having to get up earlier for work and it wasn't coming on until 10 pm, I had to give it up. This was of course before DVR.

    That bottle flipping, might be cute now, but when they do it in class it's

  20. What a fun weekend! You're mom is just beautiful!
    Love all your signs you make, so cute! you are talented in so many ways!

  21. Sounds like you had a good weekend in spite of the long lines at Starbucks! Mine was spent working our art festival. Lots of pictures on my blog today.

  22. Awww...I had a blast doing the race with you!!! Thank you for thinking of me when it was advertised! You're the BEST!!!

  23. Sounds like a great weekend minus the Starbucks mishap. They need to get it together! I love the idea of a best friends race. It sounds like you are both a great support to each other. I'm glad you enjoyed your mother's day too and got some loving from the fur babies. Beautifully Candid

  24. Haha I love the sight of you and the yarn store!! I know you were in Heaven!


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