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Still talking Beauty & the Beast, two for one & good boobs!!! {Thankful Thursday #124}

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This week I am Thankful For:
{Numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal / just ignore}

322/ Mammogram OK!
There is nothing more nerve wrecking than sitting there waiting for the radiologist to read it to let you know how everything looks.
If you missed my post a few weeks ago, they found a spot in November but they said it was too small to worry about & to just keep an eye on it & get mammograms every 6 months for awhile.  This was the day.  & everything was OK. The spot is still there, but they said it looks exactly the same - no change at all, which makes them think its some sort of cyst. But they'll keep an eye on it & do another diagnostic mammogram in 6 months!  Thank you Jesus!!!

323 / Comfort Cross
This totally had my hands busy while waiting for my results.  It really was comforting to hold it & rub how smooth it was while I was talking God's ear off while sitting in the waiting room alone.

324 / Ricky show up.
The hubs had an electrician meeting us at the house at the same time my mammogram appointment was. (He totally forgot when he scheduled the electrician)... he called the electrician & told him he couldnt help it, he was just going to be late getting there - so when I got out of the radiology place, he was there waiting to hear the results.  My love.

325 / Bed Rail.
Ricky couldnt take it any longer - the stress of Bruno in the bed.  So he ordered a kid's bed rail.  & let me tell you, its perfect. It's just enough to keep him from falling. I think he likes it too because he goes right up to it & will lay his head right by it.  No more falls out of the bed for our little blind man.

328 / Reading instead of working out.
I decided to just take the week off from working out since the half marathon. I've got a new plan starting next week to get my 10k distance down to a good pace & a comfortable run - but not this week. I've been enjoying reading & listening to the rain.  Reading in the rain is like my top notch thing in the world to do.

That's Harvey's "baby" in his mouth - a tore up ball that he has to have with him EVERYWHERE he goes
329 / Ricky home for treadmill delivery.
Read Monday's post if you dont know about this nightmare. I'm just so glad the hubs was home to basically do what we paid $150.00 for this sketchy guy to do.

331 / Day off!!!!
I had  few things planned for Saturday but the weather canceled everything out & let me tell you - it was GLORIOUSSSSSSSS to have a real day off.  I want more.  Seriously.

332 / Girls Day Out with Joysters!!!
Since we were in between Bible Studies, we took the day to just have a fun time. I think we need to make this a tradition to do in between every Bible Study from now on.

Image may contain: 8 people, people smiling, sunglasses
Just some of our gang... not everyone could make the movie after lunch

333 / Free Ticket!!!!
All the movie going has paid off! Earned enough credits to get a free movie ticket.  I'll take it!

334 / Seeing Beauty & the Beast with my Grandbuddy.
OK.  I have to say, I have grand sons so when I finally got a GIRL Grand buddy, I knew I was going to emphasis Beauty & the Beast & the love for Belle to her as soon as I could.  I never knew she was going to love it as much as I do though. It's so fun to see it all through her soon to be 3 year old eyes.  & when she came to the movie with us, I knew I had to sit next to her so we could sing & gasp & smile together.  Chasity took some pictures of us while we were watching it & these just make my whole world.

Image may contain: 2 people

She is such an dramatic little thing & her reactions throughout the movie was fantastic.  At the end, she grabbed her mommy's arm & leaned into it ... "OHHH MOMMMYYYYY - the BEASST is DYYYINNNGGGGG"... OH my heart. I cant get enough of it.

Image may contain: 1 person, night and indoor
This was one was blurry but I still love it... #dramaticgirlsrule

335 / Beauty & the Beast Surprise!
I came home & the hubs said, I found something you might like.  I thought it might be a new coffee to try or a candy bar... nope, he found me a Belle sign.  He said he really liked the drawing on it & he knew I'd like it too.  My love knows me.

336 Camera Leggings.
I've talked how much I've been loving my LulaRoe leggings lately. But when someone pointed out to me camera leggings - you KNOWWWW I had to have them. I so love them!  They may be my favorites yet.

337 / Two for one tennis game.
So I've been going to watch my niece play tennis & its been a double bonus because one of my MSM girls is always on the tennis team.  Love rooting them both on.  So when they played against each other this week, I loved getting to watch them on the same court.  & of course, I was rooting for both sides.  No losers in my book.  (They had actually played doubles on the same team the day before but I didnt get to make that away game)

My niece serving & the girl right across from her - my MSMer

Man - it was a big week, wasn't it?

Thank you Lord!  I am truly Thankful!!!

So tell me something good about your week!!!


  1. I am so very glad your results came back okay.
    Hey, did you ever call the TM company?

  2. My post is up and I linked in here! Love your thankful posts, always!! Precious pictures of you and your little one at the movies! :)

  3. Seriously loving those camera leggings! They look so great on you! And so happy you got the A-OK on your test results, friend!

  4. OH I am so relieved for you that the test came out okay! Such wonderful news. And Ricky is way too sweet and thoughtful - what a guy! I love that you got a railing for the pup. That's so kind of you guys.
    I love when I get those free movies! It takes a few years but is always a pleasant surprise! I think this means I need to go to the movies more often. ;)

  5. Yay for getting your own treadmill! Those camera leggings, so awesome! They are perfect for you.

  6. The camera leggings are perfect for you!

    So glad everything came out okay at the doctor's. That's a big load off! Glad you had your comfort cross and husband there for support.

  7. Yay for going to see Beauty and the Beast again and going for free. That is always nice. YOu have the sweetest husband for being there for the results and buying you the Belle gift. So sweet.

  8. That cross is beautiful! And I am so, so, so glad you had good results with the mammogram!!! I will definitely keep praying for ya but that is EXCELLENT news, lady! And so sweet of Ricky!
    I love those leggings- and I love that little Bruno gets some peace of mind at night (and y'all do, too!!)!

  9. So glad everything turned out okay at the doctor's. Love that Ricky was there for you! He's a keeper but you already knew that. :D That's great idea to put up a bed rail for Bruno. I can see how it would make everyone a little more comfortable. Those leggings are so you.

  10. Big week but it sounds mostly enjoyable. Hoping I can join up later today.

    We're talking about trying to get our Bible Study group together this summer for just a fun evening together while in between our studies.

  11. I completely missed that post but so glad everything is coming back ok. It is so nerve wrecking! I actually just had a procedure done this week to remove a lump and I am waiting on the biopsy results. I'm praying and believing all is fine and that God has it all in His hands. But it is scary to think about. Your girls day out looks like so much fun! Beautifully Candid

  12. SO MANY THINGS TO BE THANKFUL FOR! :) I love it! We do regal rewards too. I think we've had at least 2 free tickets so far, and maybe a free popcorn? I can't remember. I need to get that app... we bought 6 tickets for Beauty and the Beast... so I'm really hoping I used the card for that purchase! Otherwise that's the dumbest thing I've done in a while. LOL That's super sweet that Ricky brought home that picture for you. And I'm just so emotional about the bed rail for your puppy. That makes my heart so happy! I'm also so glad that your lump had not changed! :) :) XO - Alexandra

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