Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

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What I'm eating this week....
Right now, I'm on a fresh fruit kick.
All the fresh pineapple & fresh watermelon.
mmm... give me all the yummy summer fruits!

What I'm reminiscing about....

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All the graduations has me thinking back to 1990 when I graduated high school.
Man... how long ago
You think back when you're making those big transitions in life & you try to see the future.
... & being in the future, it never turns out how you think, does it?  For bad... for good.

What I'm loving...
Rachel... on The Bachelorette.
I am excited for this season because I think this girl has it going on.
She's beautiful, she's smart. She seems like she's not going to take any stupid playing on the show.
Fingers crossed I still say that in a few weeks.

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What we've been up to....
We're on TICK WATCH right now.
They seem to be everywhere right now so we're constantly checking out each other's hair & checking out the dogs ... it's already so bad. I cant imagine how the rest of summer is going to go.

What I'm dreading....
Totally dreading it
I dont mind the warm air or heat... but when there is no air to breath because of humidity?
plus, my hair is dreading it.

What I'm working on....
Right now, I'm working on a little hand lettering cards that I want to send out to some special people.
I'm excited how they all are coming along.

What I'm watching/reading....

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I've been starting to binge the show on TV Land - Younger.
I'm loving it.  I really like that actress anyways - Sutton Foster - she was on Bunheads & I loved her on that too.
& Hilary Duff is adorable.
& I didnt even realize when I started watching that it's made by the guy who did Sex & the City.
I can see that same sort of vibe with it.

What I'm listening to...

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Ever since Harry Styles did his Carpool Karaoke on James Corden, 
I really liked the song he sang on there.
So off to Spotify I went & I really have enjoyed a lot of the songs on his new album.
Especially Sign of the Times
Who knew!!!

What I'm wearing....

Old Navy

So I got turned on to these jeans from Old Navy
... & I didnt want to like them. 
I mean, I have given the hubs so much grief for paying for jeans with rips & tears in them
... but I love these....
& the hubs totally laughed at me when I put them on & showed him.
OK... he's the fashion diva in our house apparently & knows the styles before I do.

What I'm doing this weekend....
I've got a busy one ahead...
I'm going to do a photo session with a big family
& then I have a bridal shower this weekend too that I'm excited about celebrating
& plus, its our final MSM for the season so that's bittersweet.

What I'm looking forward to next month....
The sun starts setting a minute earlier starting June 21 so I'm going to love every bit of all the sunlight we get throughout June!!!


  1. I bought a huge watermelon the other day, chopped it up and that's all I've been eating! YUM.

  2. I'm so glad we don't have ticks here!
    I'm loving Rachel's season too.
    And yeah high school graduation felt like the end of something back then but it's barely a blip on the radar now.

  3. Yes! to all the fresh fruit!! I got a small watermelon and a pineapple in my last Green Bean delivery box and chopped those up right away. There's just something about fresh pineapple that turns me off of canned until the winter months. I'm a 1990 grad too -- unreal that it's been that long ago ... but then I think of all the stuff I've done since then and "yep, I'm old!"

  4. I am so excited for the next season of Younger to come out this month. The first three were fabulous. Look at you, love in that big hair of 1990. Our gowns were yellow as well. Give me all the fresh fruit and ticks be gone! Ugh. All the poor pups, we're checking our girl Daisy like crazy every night

  5. Your hand lettered cards are ADORABLE!! And, I have to check out those jeans from Old Navy, too cute!

  6. Definitely looking forward to more sunshine as well! It has rained non stop here lately lol. And yes to fresh fruit!!

  7. oh man I do not like ticks. I wish they would just go away. I too have been all about fresh fruit. Love me some watermelon, cannot get enough of it.

  8. Those jeans from ON are super cute!!! I swear if we are what we eat, I would be a bowl of fruit all summer long. I can never get enough! dont even get me started on ticks and humidity. The south certainly has it's draw backs, am I right?

  9. I've never heard of Younger, I'll have to look into that. I loved Hillary Duff when she was on the Disney Channel! And I've really been enjoying all the fresh fruit recently, too. Fresh produce is one of the best parts of Summer :)

  10. I loved Bunheads I was super sad when they canceled it. I have watched Younger, but didn't stick with it, not sure, I guess I don't have much time to watch TV, so I have to be choosy what I watch. I used to blog and watch tv, but then realized I can get so much more done when not trying to multi-task, haha. Man I am so scared of ticks, we don't have them here, but remind me not to go anywhere that has them!

  11. I'm a little nervous because I HAVEN'T found any ticks on us or the dogs yet. I'm hoping it's because we haven't come in contact, not because I'm bad at finding them!
    I saw a preview for 'Younger' and thought it looked really cute. I enjoy that the bachelorette brought her puppy with her :)

  12. Tick watch would be a bit nerve wracking. But don't worry. God is in control over even the little ticks too. Also. . . it would be such a treat for anyone to get one of your gorgeous hand lettered cards.

  13. Lovin' the throwback graduation pic! Crazy how time passes by so quickly after high school graduation, and you really have no clue as a high school graduate just how different your life will be than how you imagine it to be.

    And now I'm craving watermelon...

  14. I love summer fruits! I just bought about 4 pounds of cherries and I cannot wait to depit and consume them.

    Your handlettering is amazing. I can't even make one letter look right. #jealous

  15. I've been loving watermelon lately too. So refreshing and delicious! I enjoyed your answers!! You are SO busy. Whew!

  16. Oh my gosh, yes on the fresh fruit! And I LOVE Younger. I've only watched the first two seasons so far... I think. But it is HILARIOUS. Love it. Hilary Duff is adorable. Can't wait to catch up eventually. :) Your lettering is so pretty lady! I love seeing it on IG! :) Ughhh tick watch. That's awful. Ugh, I hate that humidity as well. It's already getting so hot here. XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  17. I love seeing that photo of you from graduation. It brings back memories from my HS and college. I love watermelon everything right now as well!

  18. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Younger! What season are you on? The new season Starts June 28. Oh and don't forget the new season of Nashville starts tomorrow. We didn't start watching the Bachelorette this season. We didn't think she was all that interesting when she was a contestant but maybe she is different now. But then again we've said that about a few others that were on the show but we ended up tuning in I'm sure we'll be watching Paradise when it comes on too even though we say how stupid it is...haha.

    Ps, I love the new Harry Styles songs!

  19. I almost bought a pair on jeans with rips in them this weekend! I couldn't do it. I need to try these on and see if my mind changes. Speaking of changes, life definitely has changed from what I envisioned it when I graduated in 1995!

  20. You've seen my pair of ripped jeans. Like you, I was hesitant, but I am in LOVE with them!!

  21. I've been craving bananas lately, but now you make me want some watermelon. Think I'll need to make a run to the grocery this weekend. Yeah, I'm not to thrilled about the humidity coming either. Guess I'll just stay inside a lot. I just hope it holds off a little longer because the last few days have been beautiful.


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