Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Random Thoughts....

... I think I'm really getting old. I have officially hurt my neck/shoulder/upper back AGAIN... from goodness knows what.  Living?  Breathing? Moving? Sleeping?  You know you're falling apart when you pull something so bad from just being still.  Geez.

... I'm zooming through re-reading 13 Reason Why to compare it to the show.  But I'm excited to get through it & get it behind me. It's really wearing on me.  I need some totally corny & cheesy love story after all this heaviness.  It is interesting to see the differences from book to show - but I am REALLY surprised how true to form it is. Even  a lot of the lines are EXACT from one to another.  I dig that.

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... My heart is just aching over the Manchester bombing.  This world is just full of hatefulness.  Anger & rage is just stirring & brewing.  You see it so much, in small ways.... everywhere... every day. People are fighting & arguing over the dumbest littlest things.  I have a feeling its only going to get worse because it seems people just dont want to take the step to get along with one another... to find compromise... to see that everyone around you is human.  God be near.

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... it just seems like more & more bloggers are fading out.   I dont know why. Podcasts are what everyone seems to be going to & I love me some podcasts, but I am such a blogging girl, Plus, I dont have all the time to devote to each podcast if everyone makes the move.  I mean, when you read a blogger post, it usually takes a few minutes - 10-15 minutes top usually... these podcasts are usually 45-60 minutes.  Yikes... Plus,  I just love reading stories - I love pictures. Let me rephrase - I REALLY love pictures.  I dont know - I just love the relationships that can come out of blogging, seeing people's lives laid out for sharing... but it seems that a lot of blogging is turning all about promotion.  Give me life stories.  It's really sapping my own blogging mojo lately too... which I hate.  I also know summer time is when blogging takes a nose dive.  Come back bloggers.  I miss reading your words.

... I lived for all the pictures of Pippa's wedding over the weekend.  I never tire of royal stuff.  & George & Charlotte?  I just cant get enough of them.

... I am in loathing with the shirts this spring/summer.  All the holes in the shoulder area...  & all the off the shoulder things... just not my style.  Looks good on everyone else - I just am not a fan of my upper body.   I just want to know where everyone is getting good strapless bras too because I have yet to ever find a good one & you would have to have one for these shirts.  I'm never going to church or work with my shoulders showing like that.. & that's basically the only places I go... so yeah, these shirts - THAT ARE EVERYWHERE - not going to work for me.
I also have the worst time with finding a good tee.  My spring/summer struggle is real.

... Anyone know anything about an Anti-inflammatory diet?  It's been intriguing me reading all the health issues that inflammation can cause. It looks like its really basically a clean diet - more towards a Mediterranean diet.  Doesn't it always just come back to eating more fruits & veggies?

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  1. I've been blogging for over 10 years and I agree that bloggers have come and gone and some of them were my very best social friends. I miss them. I haven't jumped on the podcast bandwagon, nor do I want to for the same reasons you mentioned. As for Pippa's wedding this past weekend, I'm loving all the pictures, too!

  2. I'm so sorry you've hurt your back again. I know that is no fun. Have you ever tried a chiropractor? I know I love mine and he really helps.

    I didn't even know Pippa got married. I really should keep up more with what's going on in the world. lol

    Hope you have a good day. See you tomorrow for Thankful Thursday.

  3. THANK YOU where are the comfortable strapless bras hiding? I don't wear many things because of the factor. Comfort is key for me.

    I prefer reading blogs to podcasts or vlogs. No thanks.

  4. I love all of the royalty weddings and such! I still have no regrets getting up early to watch Will and Kate's wedding. Swoon!

  5. I didn't realize people were switching to podcasts...I am with you - dont really have the time for that!! Pippa looked amazing - I loved her dress! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. I listen to very specific podcasts. Having a blog translated to a podcast wouldn't be something I would keep up with, if my favorite bloggers made the switch.

    I cannot with the ripped/holey sleeve tops. They're just ugly and always look like you pulled them out of a bin from 20 years ago. (or at least this is what I assume when I see students' parents wearing them).

    Ginger and pineapple in smoothies is great for anti-inflammatory needs.

  7. I love blogging, I hope that people keep up with it and we still have things to read for some time to come! I love pictures too! :) There is so much hate in this world. So much hate. It makes me so sad. When we went out to Western KS for my sister's graduation we had this lovely waiter. He was so nice. He was gay and told me and KC that when he and his partner moved back out to the Western part of the state (where his partner's family had lived and farmed all his life), someone tried to burn their home down on two different occasions. I cannot even fathom. Kansas (like Kentucky, I'm sure) is a very red state. I understand and know that there are so many conservative people living here, and that many things going on these days don't feel "right" to them. While I don't agree with that personally, and I wish that people could just love anyhow.... I cannot cannot cannot tolerate this kind of hate. It's a whole different level of intolerance. It makes my heart hurt. Whew, I digress. I just finished 13 reasons (book) last week. It was pretty good, but I think I was expecting something a bit more thriller-y? Not sure why. I haven't watched Netflix series yet. I want to give it a bit of room to breathe. Working on BLL next. Anti-inflamm. diet is super interesting. XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

    1. That's such a sad story! How terrible for that guy! Ohio is a swing state (because Cleveland and Columbus are pretty liberal), but my neck of the woods is pretty red. Most people are kind, though. (Or I like to think so...)

  8. I agree with you about the blogging, I love reading people's stories and seeing photos. And it's so much easier to devote a couple minutes to reading a blog post than to listening to a podcast or watching a video. But it's hard with Summer and people's travel schedules so I understand people needing breaks. I just hope that they ultimately come back to it :) I had no idea Pippa Middleton just got married, I love her dress, so beautiful!

  9. Well, my blogging was always hit-or-miss anyway but I'm hoping to get back to it (at least weekly?) once my training starts again. But I agree - I much prefer the written word to podcasts. I'm not sitting still long enough at work to be able to focus on a full one, I don't listen to them in the car (and my commute is only 5-10 minutes anyway), and I don't know when I'd be able to sit and listen for that long. Bring back blogging, people!! I'm a big fan of all-things-royal too! I didn't really follow Pippa's wedding but loved looking at the photos. I haven't heard of the anti-inflammatory diet but I've heard pineapple is a big part of it (fresh, not canned -- which cuts up the inside of my mouth big time). Cutting down on sugar, meat, and refined carbs too -- so pretty much a clean diet. :)

    And the Manchester bombing really affected me. I know they weren't targeting fans of this particular singer, but my daughter had gone with a friend to hear Ariana Grande when she performed in Indpls in March. I totally broke down when I thought about the what-ifs and pray for the families in Manchester and all over, who are hurting so much right now.

  10. No one has time for podcasts, I guess if you drive a lot you do? Hmmm...anyway, who wants to talk to no one for 45 minutes? So strange to me. Although my cousin has one with a friend and he is pretty funny. Sorry you're hurt again. I hate the summer slump of blogging, then the nordies anniversary sale hits and everyone and their mom has an opinion, hehe. Which then of course fuels my shopping habit when I need to buy it all.

  11. I keep thinking I'll do a post during the week (other than my weekly picture post), but the week flies by & it's already Sunday again... Maybe today! You've inspired me!

    With my current infirmity I am definitely not shopping these days so I get to avoid the holey shirt situation. Whew! Of course, the means people will be seeing me wear the same old things all the time. That's their problem - ha!

    Hope your back pain eases up!

  12. Loooooove the royal family so much :) I bet Pippa's wedding was such a happy day for all of them!
    Blogging does seem to have taken a nose dive. I've noticed that in the comments section on my blog, too =/ Oh well. I still have posts scheduled and ideas brewing!! (And don't you go away either!)

  13. I am cracking up at your first paragraph! But seriously, I hope you feel better. My heart breaks with all this violence going on and people not even being able to even enjoy life. Lord help us. I need to get into 13 reasons why. I am sooo behind on shows and reading that it isn't even funny. I have yet to get into podcasts but I feel like visiting my favorite bloggers seems a lot more fun. Beautifully Candid

  14. I want bloggers to come back, too. My favorite part is photos, and even if I don't have time to read all of everyone's posts, I like to, at least, skim through. How do you do that with a podcast? George and Charlotte were THE CUTEST at Aunt Pippa's wedding. I loved it!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  15. I feel like I'm falling apart as well. I have had this shoulder ache for about a year now that sometimes goes all the way down my arm (I am thinking pinched nerve). I've told my doctor. All she said is to stretch it, which doesn't help at all.

  16. Blogging really has been struggling lately (and I have no room to talk). I'm hoping it's just the summer lull. I LOVED the photos of George and Charlotte at Pippa's wedding. Just so precious!

  17. George & Charlotte are the best sibling duo and I'm totally in love with Pippa's dress! I have fallen off the blogging train lately but I'm trying to make it more of a habit again, it's hard to stay motivated though when so many others seemed to have stopped!

  18. I am not a fan of those cold shoulder shirts either. They were on my list of the top items for Spring this year when a I wrote my fashion column. I have yet to listen to a blogger who has a pod cast. I tried to get into that Fashion podcast but that gal was so bad it made me want to scratch my eyes out! Are this bloggers doing pod casts instead of blogging? I feel that I've met a good group of gals through blogging and so far they're still hanging around!

  19. I was just emailing with my girls today about how blogging seems to be a thing of the past. More and more people have stopped writing. I'm with you, I love blogging. As far as getting old, I was actually walking hunched over today because I've pulled my back out. Sigh. And food, ugh!! I like food more than I like blogging!

  20. Loved your random post! My random thoughts:

    13 Reasons Why - The show messed up some good things like the fact that it takes place in one night, they don't all get together to cover things up, and she doesn't kill herself the same way in both mediums. Ugh. I did like some of the same lines being repeated, and Clay is my guy! Love him!

    Blogging - Feel your pain! My problem is time! I miss blogging daily and love telling about my life through my stories and pictures. I also miss having time to visit and comment on blogs. I think this will be one of my goals for the summer.

    Shirts - Haven't really been shopping lately. Girl, own your beautiful self. You work out. Wear what you want!

    Anti-inflammatory diet - Yea, it's the way to go. Inflammation is a big cause of cancer. Foods that are high in sugar are a huge contributor to inflammation. It makes for good reading . . . learning about this stuff.

  21. It does seem that the blogging world is getting smaller and smaller. I love reading blogs and looking at pictures. But sometimes life gets in the way. Plus I think the warmer weather makes everyone want to be outside so blogging goes to the side. I'm so upset about Manchester, so very sad. I don't understand how anyone can hurt children. It's so heartbreaking.

  22. I was at TJ Maxx the other day and kept thinking that I just wanted a regular sleeveless top-- definitely harder to find this year!

  23. I never read the book, but good to know that it is very similar. I need a light read as well. I love reading blogs and writing my own as well, but I have also noticed a lot of bloggers taking breaks. Not sure why. I am very sad over what happened at Manchester. Breaks my heart.

  24. I've been blogging since 2009 and don't plan on stopping anytime soon! I don't really listen to podcasts so I also hope most people don't make the move. Not into all the promotional type posts either. I just like reading about real lives and sharing my own stories and reading other people's stories. :)


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