Thursday, September 06, 2007

Dana's Valley

I'm reading another book (I love to read!) This book, I think I just picked up in Gatlinburg, which has GREAT Christian book outlets. I didnt really know what it was about but getting into the story - it is about a Christian family who seemed to have it all. In the story, Dana, one of the daughters ends up getting leukemia & the story is how it affects the whole family. Her sister, Erin, begins to get angry with God & at one point refuses to pray & turns from Him. As her sister is ready to die, she lets her mom know she's frustrated with praying since God didnt do anything to help Dana from dying. This is the response her mom gave:

"We're all dying Erin. Life is not what we're trying to hold on to for Dana. It was never about keeping her, even though it hurts so to lose her. We're praying to release her....whenever it's God's will that she go. And we pray for the same for you, and for everyone. We don't waste our prayers on salvaging life here - we're asking that God call you to the life that's eternal. And that's what God has given to Dana. Life that won't end. She's almost made it through all the pain & arrived at the beginning. God has answered every prayer."

Man - those words hit my heart! If you've ever experienced anyone's battle with cancer - you do tend to pray for the person to be healed - but what a way to look at things. And in the end - you can see so many times God answers prayers - even when that person looses this earthy body.
Funny how I've had this book for probably a few years & have yet to read it until now. God's timing....always amazing.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing Dana's Valley. I have forwarded this to many people. Sandi


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