Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I wanna be a star!

I do want to be a star - if only to be on "Dancing with the Stars"! That would be awesome! Isn't that show so much fun? I was so excited it started back this week & once again, as I watch, I sit comfortably at home saying "I could do that!" For some reason, I think I would be a good ballroom dancer. No, I'm not flexible anymore, my body is not "ideal" for the skimpiness that is the costumes, & I cant really walk very well in heels much less do a cha-cha in them - but hey, I can feel it in my bones - I am a dancer waiting to break out!

Its just so much fun to watch people taken out of their element. Remember a few seasons ago - Master P - yeah, he should have been thrown right back into the element he came from - but it was fun to watch him for awhile. And how do you not love Jerry Springer when he was on there? Yes, he wasnt the best dancer, but the entertainment he brought was great - & the night he danced for his daughter to the Tennessee Waltz - who wasnt crying (fess up!).

Last year was AWESOME with Lalia Ali, Apollo Ono & Joey Fatone. I was torn between Joey & Apollo so I wasn't disappointed when they were in the Final 2. I'm anxious to see who's going to be the amazing one this year. I can dream that it COULD be me!
Maybe I can talk Ricky into taking lessons around here & I can live out the fantasy of it all right at home. Nah - my chances are better I make it on the show with my profession being a Professional Scrabble Player! Oh well - a girl can dream!


  1. Hey Girl
    Don't be talking like that in public. You forget you are a Baptist. Born and raised a Baptist. Once a Baptist always a Baptist. you have been drinking too much grape juice. You know Baptist Don't dance.

    Love Ya


  2. Have I got a partner for you!!!

    When we get this dance together for the missions trip, Steve is going to dance your socks off! So get plenty of rest that day and drink plenty of fluids because you're going to be sweating to the oldies and anything else they've got to play. Besides, I'll need the rest after a couple of songs.

  3. Oh Vic - I cant wait for the dance! Can I wear something with sparkles? hehe!

  4. Get yourself up there and do it at the next GCC talent night. I'm sure we can drum up a celebrity for you!


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