Thursday, September 13, 2007

"Everything" - Can't wait!

I've mentioned before about checking out the video on Chad's blog called "Everything". It truly is so touching & just gets to that place inside of you that makes you want to bawl your eyes out because you can feel the truth behind the message. the Jr. High Group - we are going to try & recreate this for one of the "Thrive" services at church on October 7th. I'm thrilled - & what makes me even more excited - Lindsay is going to be the lead girl!!! She is such an acting pro anyways - I'll have to embarass her & post some of her performance videos on here - but she is a wonderful actress. Its great for me to see her involved in this & for her to "feel" this message personally.

We're rounding up the rest of the "players". I will be behind the mask - I'm the person with the knife & gun....scary!!!! And I think we're having Ryan playing a part which is going to be giving me many great one-liners I'll be able to joke with him about! Stephanie always said me & Ryan argued like brother & sister so anything that gives me ammunition to pick on him more - YIPEE! Truthfully though - I'm excited to see him get involved too! Stephanie would LOVE seeing him do this as well. Shoot - she'd be up on that stage if she were still with us - you can believe that!

Its only really less than a month away so it'll be exciting to watch it all come together. And we pray there are people who watch it that will really be touched by the message. I'll keep you posted on how "everything" goes (OHH, I just found a pun there!) - should be interesting!

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  1. Your mom and I are eagerly a waiting for you to come and get your toys in the basement back junk room, so you can have your own play room over there.

    love ya dad


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