Thursday, September 27, 2007


I posted earlier about Amber & about her baby brother Ryan. I have some wonderful updates!

First, Amber has passed her round of finals & started doing her clinicals. She said she loved being in scrubs. Have you ever seen a little girl playing "dress up" & put on something they don't normally wear. I'm sure when Amber put on those scrubs, it all felt foreign to her - like something other people did - but the Nurse was there ready to come out! She went to Norton's Hospital for her first day of clinicals & was nervous. That is until she started to go visit patients in rooms & she was able to help them. That's the person I know Amber to be - wanting to help others - & she loved every minute of it! After questioning herself over finals & tests in class rooms, once she got to be around people & have hands on experiences, she now knows she's doing what she's supposed to do. So continue to pray for her as she is doing these clinicals & still visiting the class room to learn more. It's so exciting to see her life steer in this direction.

Now, as for Ryan - I learned last night, that the prayers worked - he got scheduled for his physical portion of the test at the exact right time! Is God awesome or what! Its on October 15th at 10:00 am. Its on a Monday - which is Ryan's day off work & at the perfect time where the air isn't too much a factor in heaving running. (Funny - I dont think the time is EVER perfect for heaving running!) So let's pray Ryan through this test - get him further down the road because I've seen how long this process is - & it takes alot of time & patience - & of course, prayer!

And since we're on updates - Baby Isaac hasn't made any early appearances yet either! Julie is ready to hit the 35 th week - which is awesome! The doctor's are planning on taking her off all meds at 36 weeks & we'll see what happens. (An October baby?) Julie thinks that after all this bed rest & medication to keep him in - he's going to be stubborn & not want to come & she'll have to be induced. I've already said I bet he's going to be a red head like his Pappy Ricky - but is he going to be stubborn like Pappy as well? HHMMMM.....

And we have a change in our "Everything" skit we're doing. Lindsay wont be able to do the lead - she's a young lady going to school & working - the schedule is just too busy for her. Darn it - but that's OK because Jordan is going to do it & she was wonderful in the "Believe" skit the Jr. High did for the church. It's still going to touch many hearts - & that's all that matters.

I think that's it for - its every changing, isn't it!

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