Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'll Tumble For ya!

No - I'm not thinking of the Culture Club Song - though I do love a good 80's flashback! I'm talking the real deal - a real tumble - a "see your life flash before your eyes" sort of thing!

Last night, I was taking some laundry down into the basement. The stairs are always fun to navigate when you have 4 dogs running down with you with the smallest always stopping 2 steps in front to make sure you're really coming down. So, trying to watch out for the "herd", I started to drop some socks from the top of my basket. Now, what made me think I could catch them while I'm holding this basket - I dont know - but I attempted to grab them while they were still in mid air. That's when I became mid air bound!
Holy cow - you know that feeling when you are falling - like everything is in slow motion - but it happens so fast - at the same time? Clothes are flying in the air - I'm struggling to find something to grasp - & I'm trying not to fall on any of the dogs (that's all I need - another vet bill!) When I land at the bottom, on my back - I thought for sure my ankle was broken. I broke my ankle when I was in high school falling off the front porch so I'm always scared to death thats going to happen again. Laying there, screaming & crying, I realize my ankle is OK - but the rest of me - not so well. I can feel the pain in my shoulder, & the rest of my foot is in trouble! Ricky isnt home yet & I dont expect him to be there for another 15 minutes. I just keep imagining him walking in & seeing clothes strewn all down the stairs with me laying at the bottom. So I try to get myself up - which I did - with some more screams & crying! My poor doggies didnt know what to do - the Australian Shepherd (which truly is the smartest dog in the world) would NOT leave my side! Even lying on the floor, she was laying right next to my side with her head on my stomach (AAHHH). I "walked it off" finally & assessed the damage. Not as bad as first thought. This morning - oh buddy - my foot is HURTING - but I'll be OK - keeping that "shake it off" mentality.

But thinking back now about the whole thing - how stupid was it to try & catch those socks? Would it have been so hard to go to the bottom, drop the basket & turn around & get them off the stairs - though by that point, I'm sure the dogs may have been playing tug of war with them (they love a good pair of socks!) So I'm thinking of a life lesson in this - besides "hold the hand rail when descending stairs"!

How often do we automatically throw the main goal of our Christian lives aside for something that catches our attention - something that means nothing - something that is stupid? And then it causes us to stumble, fall, knocks us off that path? Oh, I can attest, falling off that path brings pain & crying & hurting (ask my foot!) - but thank goodness we have a God who helps us get up & gets us back on the path of our lives - "Shake it off"! We might be battered & bruised - but we've learned lessons & we're smarter for it!

A "God" lesson to be learned in everything that happens.....


  1. Actually it is more like ... Shoot... Laundry????
    I feel bad that I hadn't seen your blog so I didn't even ask about how you were at church!!! Of course, you didn't bother to tell me either...hum.......

  2. I guess "bitterness" heals the pain in feet - hehe!

  3. You manage to find a lesson in everything, don't you. That is a true gift. Hope you're feeling better. Next time make dad bring the laundry down.


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