Tuesday, September 04, 2007


If you know anything about me & Ricky - we LOVE games! We have a shelf full of them & enjoy spending time with family & friends as we see the competitive sides of everyone! (I will win, by the way!) I am a HUGE Scrabble fan though - my #1 game - & I cant find many people who like it, much less play it with me. I have now recruited Lynn to become my Scrabble partner with me though. But after a great day of game playing this weekend - I was introduced to a new game - Balderdash. This is one me & Ricky didnt even have! Its the game where you have to make up false definitions & guess which one is right. At first, I couldnt imagine how entertaining this game would be - but ended up loving it! I just love games that involve words - & if it involves competiting - makes it even better! Thanks Neal family for another great game day! We so enjoy you ALL!

What are some of your favorite games? Anyone else a Scrabble freak? If so - give me a ring!


  1. Competitive is my middle name! I love games too, although I hardly ever win. I seem to always get team partners who aren't as good LOL (I won't say any names). One of my faves is Cranium. It's hilarious to see what your friends will actually do!

  2. Cranium is a good one too! We have a new version of Cranium we havent even opened yet - need to check that one out!

  3. I am more into fast uno! Word games remind me too much of being in school......and I hated school!

    I like fast paced games, and I am also very competitive! Just ask Mike...LOL.


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