Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where were you?

Every September 11th - do you feel that chill that I feel? That memory that comes back to you where you were at when the World Trade Center was attacked? I can't believe its been 6 years. Some days, its like it just happened & others, its like it was so long ago!

I was at work sitting at my desk when my supervisor yelled, "I just heard a plane hit the World Trade Center" - we just thought it was a plane malfunction or something easily explained. We have a reception area with a TV & couches so we went out to see what they were saying. Sitting there, I'll never forget watching it live - the 2nd plane running right into the building. It was like someone had slipped in a movie of some sort because this stuff didn't happen in "real life" - especially on Live TV. Immediately, on TV, in our reception area, we knew something horrible was happening. It wasn't long before the news of the Pentagon being attacked had come in & the news of another plane that couldnt be contacted was rolling across the screen.

In our work place - there was no production all day. We sat in front of that TV all day long. Sitting with co workers - people you dont normally share huge life experiences with.

Then, the towers started falling. The heart break to know how many people were still in those buildings - & how many people had lost their lives that day. Its still heart breaking to think about.

I can remember going home & the scare of rising gas prices. I sat in line for gas for an hour and a half, all the while listening to ABC news on the radio. Music had come to a halt - there was no way to escape the madness that was happening in our country.

The thing I'll always remember, we were in Louisville at the time & was wanting to put our house up for sale & make the move to Greenville. Our realtor had come that night to list our house. When all this happened, we became scared - frozen. We didnt know what this meant for our world - our country. Our realtor was a former military man - he sat with us for the latest updates in our home but was not shaken in the least. Maybe he was just concerned about the sale of our house, but you could sense the military in him assuring him & us that our country was going to be fine. It was nice to have him with us that night.

Working with the Jr. High Youth - its wild to me to know they dont really remember that day. They were 5-8 yrs old at the time it happened so other things, like playing, took priority. (Ahhh - the innocence of children). I know it is a day that many who did experience it, will never forget where they were that day.


  1. I remember that I was home having just recovered from surgery but had broken my arm and foot (amazingly long and funny story!)I sat glued to the TV all day and then left for school to work with the colorguard at marching band. I walked in to the cafeteria to find students huddled at tables, many crying and sobbing. The schools had accomplished nothing all day as they had left TV's on in the classrooms. I sat and consoled these teens and talked to them about what had happened. I tried my best to assure them that we would be all right, that nothing bad was going to happen to them, that our country would rise about it all. And you know what???? I had to convince myself of the same things.... I saw Satan doing some of his best work that day...and I saw God patiently and lovingly picking up the pieces. What a day...

  2. I had a day much like yours. I was at home when I got a call that a plane had hit the WTC. I turned on the TV and watched the second hit. I was late to work because I was glued to the TV. When I got there we didn't do anything but watch CNN. I think everyone was watching the same thing because we had no one in the office that day. It was so surreal and like you said just like watching a movie.

  3. I was in the fourth grade and didnt really know what the WTC was all i really remember was that for the reat of the year after that we listened to the song "I'm Proud to be an American".

  4. I remember I was stationed at Fort Benning, GA and that was our moving day on the way to Alaska. Watching it on tv it seemed unreal, so I stayed focused on getting moved on time until the reality hit me.

  5. I was at work at ford and we were on break and when it was time to go back to work a lot of us didn't we stayed glued to the t.v. they eventually shut the plant down and sent people home I stopped and filled my car up cause i could see a line forming and figured they would gouge the price by the next day it was a scary time seeing people filling up multiple cans and then I thought I better go to the grocery just in case and it was a mad house i spent the rest of the evening w/ kim


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