Tuesday, September 25, 2007


One of the things I've inherited at my job is to water the plants around the office. Now, I do not have a green thumb. I dont even have one living plant in my house because I just dont get the enjoyment out of taking care of them. I know some people have beautiful plants & gardens & I do enjoy the beauty of it - but the work - not something I enjoy.

My routine is to water them on Friday - but along with Friday is the anticipation of getting out for the weekend. A lot of times, we end up leaving an hour early so I'm really excited to start my weekend - with plants being the last thing on my mind!

I walked out of my office yesterday to drop some mail off & noticed the leaves on a plant that was next to the mail bin. They were curled up, looking lifeless - shriveled is a good work that comes to mind - drooping very sadly. I felt horrible. I had neglected these poor things that just needed water. If you know me well - you know I hate to hurt anything. I wont even let anyone kill a spider in my presence. I'm known at work & even at Jazzercise as the one to get if there is a bug on the floor or the wall - if its to be saved - get me - I'll take it outside! (Yes, I've even ran in between 20 aerobic-dancing women to save a bug! - that was fun!)

Anyways - when I looked around, I noticed all the plants had these same sort of "depressing" look. I remember my mom taking care of plants - taking the time to trim, water, & maybe even talk & play music for them. (Ever wonder where I get my kookiness from?) I immediately dropped all my mail & went & watered every one of them. It was so interesting to watch - it was like an instant reaction. They seemed to drink it in! Within the hour, they were perking up - leaves were starting to uncurl - they were standing straighter - the change was amazing.

Sitting back at my desk - I thought of the story of Jesus in John 4 where he told the woman that whoever drank of His water would never thirst again. I understand what he was saying- but I have to think - I feel like we do need to drink Him in all the time though - refresh our spirit - or we too become like those plants - sagging, droopy, curling up away from everything - but that Living Water refreshes & makes us stand up straighter, stronger, ready again.
It was interesting too - because I looked up the word "Thirst" & saw so many scriptures referencing that word. One verse I really enjoyed - "Blessed are those who hunger & thirst for righteousness - for they will be filled" -Matthew 5:6. I'm so happy the Lord doesnt neglect me like I did those plants - that when I am thirsty - He fills me up!

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  1. And the best part? We don't have to worry about him forgetting to water us...we just have to remember to drink!!!


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