Friday, September 14, 2007


I read the other day of a story about Luci Swindoll & her "Play room"! She has a room in her house where her inner child comes out to play. A room that is crammed full of books, toys, paints, clay, stickers, stamps & games. It has a small drafting table with chairs, a radio, & boxes of treasures. Some people may think - why does an adult need a room like that - my initial reaction - I WANT ONE OF THOSE!

Every day life makes us into such an "ADULT" at times & we may feel like we would look stupid if we let loose & enjoy some fun - go blow bubbles or jump rope. After all, at the end of our days, it feels like all our energy has gone into just getting all the jobs done we have to do. But its such an energy builder to have fun. Have you ever seen a child who is just too beat to go out and play on a swing set?

Fun can even beat some of the enemies we have to face everyday - anxiety, stress, boredom! Play some jacks, or draw a picture - see if it doesnt beat those "blues" away!

Hey - Even Jesus said "Unless you change & become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven" (Matthew 18:3).

So, this weekend, I challenge everyone to do something fun-PLAY- see how it makes you feel. Have you ever seen anyone have too fun much? Not me! My personal favorite - skipping!


  1. I love skipping too!! I do it in the house with Kailyn all the time. Sometimes I even do it by myself. Jeff laughs at me!

  2. Your mom and I are egerly a waiting your arival to take your play room in the basement back to your house.

    Love ya dad


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