Monday, September 24, 2007

Trip to Indy

Me & Ricky got to go on an adventure Saturday morning - & I say adventure because we had to get up & out of the house by 6:00 am to head up to Indianapolis to make it to a seminar on Adoption by 9:00. I look forward to my sleeping in on Saturday's so I was not in a pleasant mood walking out the door - let the adventure begin! At least, its just straight expressway for 99% of the trip so I could snooze a bit on the way.

We made it without a hitch & got to hear some interesting news about international adoption. Not all of it was pleasant. We found out a lot of countries - the age limit is 43! Well, Ricky is 45 so that knocked us out of one of the places we were looking at - Korea. No exceptions on the age restrictions!

Then we move onto China - & we find they have put on some CRAZY new laws about their restrictions. You have to make so much money per person in your family, you have to have a certain amount of dollar amount in assets, you even have to have your BMI (Body Mass Index) checked & you have to fit on the scale - (OH GREAT!)! We're good though in all those fields - but now, they wont let you be eligible if you have a "Chronic condition" - we're not sure exactly what the whole thing means - but if you even have diabetes, you wouldnt be considered - isn't that crazy? Would Ricky's Barrett's be something that is considered "Chronic" - or some meds I'm on for my stomach - is that considered a no-no! It was just shocking of all the new news we received.
The other place we were talking about was Gautemala - but we found out they are having problems with their government laws that affect the US - & apparently everything will change as of January so they dont even recommend starting that process until everything is known - which is smart - but again, frustrating.
The best part - they had a lady come in with her baby, David, whom she just adopted this past year from Guatemala & she told of her experience. I'm not sure I heard much of what she had to say - I was playing with the baby the whole time! OHH - what an angel - he was 18 months old! That new mom & her son - they were a perfect fit for each other - as I'm finding out it works with the families that find their child on the other side of the world.
So we came away with tons of information - some good, some bad - some just to think about. It was a nice trip home though - we got to stop at "Cheeseburger Paradise" & I love to try some place new. We also found the most awesome Christian book store on the way home - I spent over an hour in there!

So - now, we just pray - not sure what we do next - not sure of the whole adoption process - just trying to listen to what God wants us to do - & trying to block out all the bad. Not sure where it will lead us. This whole "trusting" thing can be really hard.....


  1. Good luck.........I have pretty much decided that if God wants us to adopt...he is going to have to perform some huge crazy miracles, but I am ok with that. I have been pouring out my love on the teenagers......

    It is funny that I just read this today, because last night during my prayer time, I felt led to speak to God about you and Ricky and this adoption process for you two. I do hope that you find a road to your heart's desires and get a child.

  2. Thanks Amy for praying! That means so much to us!

    And we always are for you & Mike as well - & we may be in the same place you two are at - & if we dont have a child in the end - then I know God is going to do wonderful things with us (all of us) - regardless!

  3. You know... it isn't the trusting thing that is hard... it is the deciding on what God is telling me that takes up all my energy! Once I have that part figured out, the rest is easy... or at least easier! Hang in there my friend!!!!


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