Sunday, February 22, 2009


The weekend was amazing...

Didn't start off that way - why? We got lost!!! We went to the place that it originally is & lo & behold - there is a car show going on. HUH? So we are making phone calls everywhere & eventually make it - only a tad late... & ALOT car sick... UGH!

The message was on SPEAK & how we need to be able to speak up - speak encouragement, speak up to defend, & speak the Word of God to share... it was awesome... can't even explain - but want to share some pictures of the trip!

These are all the girls from my room.... that many? in one hotel room? YES! Me & 7 girls! We giggled until 3:30 am... these girls are hilarious & we also had some good deep discussions which I love to see how their minds work & how they feel... & then we're back to giggles. There is nothing like a Slap-happy room of teenagers & one teenager at heart! I should have recorded our laughter so on a bad day, I could just play it & it would instantly make the day better!

And yeah, I look a mess - wanna know why? MY BAG WAS LEFT AT HOME!!! I had no change of clothes - had to sleep in my clothes I wore, had no make up, had no toothpaste or toothbrush, had no brush. It was horrible! But the hotel did give me some deodorant & a toothbrush & toothpaste & the girls were so cute with giving me whatever they could to help me & so thankful that my friend Erica has a similar taste in make up as me!! Because only true girlfriends let you borrow their make up!

And I did get to buy a shirt at the conference on Saturday so I at least had something fresh on...

Here's a few of us waiting to get in on Saturday morning... it was freezing! We were jumping & screaming to get warm... ready for a awesome day with the Lord!

Our youth minister, Jeremy... this guy is hilarious! We saw this on the ground & he was excited to get a picture making it look like he was puking... it takes a special person to work with the youth... And someone special to love taking a picture of this... its why certain people are called to work with youth!!!!! (& that's for ALL Youth leaders!!!!)

This right here is what it's all about!!!! There were 4,000 kids in that arena that was worshipping God! I had to take this picture because the energy of these kids is invigorating! And it makes my heart just swell to see these kids praising the Lord... I can only imagine how it has to make God's heart soar to see His young children crying out to Him, praising Him, not ashamed of Him!!!

And I know this picture doesnt say alot... but this picture makes me want to cry. Can you see in the middle - in that container? That is full of water... & inside is a man....

Throughout the 2 days, we followed this guy's story - his name was Brent & how he was running from "Drones" which represented the world... its a complicated story, but in the end, they caught him & put him in this tub of water..... he stayed in it the whole session which was about 20 minutes...

In the end, it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen.... it was dark, music was playing, a single light was shining down on this stage & the "Creator" came out... this man reached in & pulled Brent out.... He literally was such a big & strong man that he held Brent, a grown man, in one arm! It was so powerful! Brent looked like a small child in this man's arms - he just held him & Brent clinched onto the Creator with everything he had in him...

The chains that were holding him down was taken off & the Creator put them in that water & then he led Brent to the word "SPEAK"... let me tell you - words can NOT explain this skit or how it went down or the emotion in the building.

People - adults & kids both were crying, sobbing, falling on their faces in prayer... it was the most amazing moment I have experienced. I can visual it all in my head & get chills. In those moments, you can feel & KNOW God is moving....

I pray that every person - especially teens - can have an experience like that! A moment where they can sense in every possible way, the presence of God! The way that God moves, the feeling of freedom to worship - just the forgiveness & mercy that they know that God is always there to pull them out of whatever they are in... with power & strength.

I appreciate all the prayers that were lifted - & I ask you continue to pray for all those kids - even the ones I have no idea who they were... there was an ARENA full of kids... they all need prayer - even from strangers - because once they leave an atmosphere of feeling Christ - that's when Satan will attack & throw the world back at them.... so just lift up all the kids who were there- lift up any teen you know - lift up your own children.... constantly pray for the kids of today.... life is hard for them... but God is greater!


  1. Your conference seems like it was amazing!! I can remember going to conferences like that as a teen!! I will definitely be in prayer for teens and all children. You are So right, it's not an easy world to live in, especially as a teen!!

    God Bless you for your devotion to youth and our Lord!


  2. Your bag was left at home????? EGADS! Glad you made it through all that to have what sounded like a fabulous time! Great post!!

  3. Awesome, awesome, awesome!! Love to hear what God is doing in the lives of young people today!

  4. Holy crap that is a huge deal isn't it! Very cool. Can't believe you had to sleep in your clothes! Sounds like something I would do.

    (The throw up picture is hilarious!)

  5. rebecca, i just found your blog kind of in a round about way of sorts. i work with teens also. at a boarding school in eastern kentucky. not far from you i imagine if your are near cincinnati. that is like 5 hours from us. it is a christian boarding school. but by all means, the kids that come here are not. some are, but most are not. my husband and i did youth ministry before we came here. and we took kids to retreats and concerts and such. it is alot of work and very humbling to see when God is at work in such an arena. but He is good and faithful. we have seen miracles happen there. many saved, lives changed. some adults too. our kids are under such attack these days. i fear for them. they need more prayer than ever now. and more workers are needed also. keep up the good work. our prayers are with you. please pray for our ministry too. oneida baptist institute. it is small, but a good school. take care and God bless you, jo

  6. Well, my sister friend, another round of Believe under your belt... and you have it right... no matter how many things these kids go to such as this, they STILL have to come home... and then the pressure is on... so they do need prayer... continually. Thanks for the great job that you, Erica, Joe, Ryan, and Jeremy do for the youth... and to Kim for helping out with Believe... you are filling a hole in the hearts of these kids... and you are filling it with the Love of Christ!

  7. That sounds like such an amazing event! I bet you had a "life-changing" time! I would have really enjoyed hanging out with all those teenage girls...they can be such fun!

  8. Glad that you finally made it to your destination! Looks like ya'll had lots of fun :)

  9. Yay--I'm glad you had such a great time!! I'm sorry aboutthe carsickness though--I can totally relate and it's not fun!

  10. That is awesome, I wish I could see that in person (the skit).

    Every week at the Basement we get to see thousands of young people getting excited about Jesus. It really is amazing and keeps me fired up too.

  11. Looks like you guys had an amazing weekend. Except for that whole leave your bag at home thing you had going on!

    Giggling until 3:30 AM, way to go!

  12. Sounds like you had an awesome time! What a beautiful group of young ladies you had in your room. And 4000 young people praising God had to be really exciting!

    May God bless you for your willingness to work with the youth. I know He is using you in a mighty way in the lives of these girls!

  13. God is still working, and He is still in control!!! :)

  14. Rebecca Jo Cuteness,
    You are the sweetest thing!!! There is nothing like the power of our Almighty God in the heart of our kids. It is powerful!!

    I prayed for you and just knew God was going to show up in a powerful way.

    Can't wait to hear more -- BTW where are you today?

    Love you friend,

  15. looks like you had a wonderful time...despite the bag left behind :)

  16. thanks for stopping by my blog!!!!
    i will be back to check things out when i have a little more free time!!!!! crazy kids always need something from me!!!!!haha!!!!

  17. Wow, I can just feel the emotion in this post and I understand the feeling of being in an arena like that. Kyle and I used to go to Youth Conventions all the time with our church. We were also in a Choir that sang at them a few times. It really is amazing to feel the Power of God moving in a place like that!

    Sounds like it was just a totally amazing weekend. I'll be praying for all those teens!! Thank you for sharing. =D

    (that totally sucks that your bag was left at home though! oops!)

  18. Looks like you had a blast! I can't' believe you left your bag at home.. YIKES!

  19. Wow, what an awesome time!! Sorry your bag got left behind but you really did look great without it!


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