Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The story of Piggy...

We took our (really my) doggie Bruno in from a friend who could not continue to keep him. This lady had spoiled this dog - he went to weekly grooming appointments & would go to doggie day care & he even has his own bag with his name engraved in it full of his toys. He has a different life now, but I think he still enjoys it - he has doggie friends with him all the time, he has a full acre to run around on (& with his little doggie legs, it might as well be 10 acres!) & he has a house full of doggie beds in every room - including OUR beds!

One thing that couldn't change - Piggy.... We were told that Bruno can NOT sleep without Piggy & man oh man - its the truth. He knows that its night time & its actually time to sleep through the night & he better be able to find his penguin.

Its pitiful because he has to hold it & he actually cleans it every night & then sucks on his head or the beak of the penguin like a pacifier.

I have gotten up many a night where this stuffed animal has fell off the bed & Bruno scratches at me until I get it... tell me this dog isn't spoiled...

We actually ran into his original owner the other day & she asked about "PETEY"... I was confused... I said, "you mean Piggy?"...somewhere in the "adoption process" we got the name confused... but when I say "Piggy" - it must sound enough alike, because he knows exactly what I'm talking about.....

Can you imagine how many germs on are this thing? We've actually bought another penguin to see if he would take it (like switching pacifiers on a child)... they know the difference - he'd have none of it... so we daily make sure Piggy is taken care of... if something happened to it, I'm afraid he's never sleep again!!!

How pitiful is my dog... & how cute!!!


  1. How cute is that?! And, Bruno is adorable :o)

  2. Aren't dogs great!? My little pup has a stuffed fleece alligator he can't venture too far from without double-checking on it's whereabouts. I love that he loves his little alligator! Your Bruno is a cutey! What a peach you are for taking in Bruno too. He looks like he'll be in good company!

  3. That's adorable! My Sam also has a security dog (bear) that he has to sleep with at night. He has had it ever since he was a little puppy. He sucks on it as if he's nursing. It's calming for him and he goes to sleep with it in his mouth.

    Bruno and his Piggy are so cute!

  4. That dog might be the cutest ever and remember I have 3 of my own so that's a huge compliment. I also love that piggy aka Petey takes such good care of his baby pinguin. How cute is that!

  5. What a cute dog, but what in the world happened to him when he was a puppy for him to have developed an obsession with "Piggy."
    My, oh my! It's like having another child, eh?

  6. You know, Bruno isn't really a dog... he is a person with massive amounts of hair! And the stubby legs... I have those too! So as a "person" it is only right that he have his bedtime routine!!

  7. He is sooooo cute and I love that he has is little security toy. I want him!

  8. This seriously might be the cutest thing ever. Bless his little baby heart!!

  9. Awww....what an adorable post! That is so sweet that he has his Piggy. My dog has an AFLAC duck and he runs to get it as soon as we let him into the house. He knows exactly how to roll it around in his mouth to get it to the place where it will say, "Aflac, Aflac, AFLAAAAAAC!!!! All we have to say is "where's Aflac" and he's off to search for him.

    I think it's like a security blanket to them. They bring so much joy to our lives, don't they?


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