Thursday, February 19, 2009


Have you ever broken a bone? Because of my lack of enjoyment for milk (blah) - my bones are always ready for a break. I've broken fingers, toes, my hand once (my brother accidentally kicked it in a freak Bubble accident - story for another time!) - but the worse was when I broke my ankle.

I was walking off the front porch in the middle of a snowy, icy night & did what I consider a nice triple lutz, but didnt score any 10's on that one. Instead, I landed on the sidewalk with my leg one way & my foot going the other... OUCH! Yep - broke that ankle. The pain was so unbearable, I thought I was going to pass out on the way to the hospital - it was horrid!

And the time it took for a bone to set & heal... I was miserable! .....

What got me thinking about my pitiful broken ankle - besides the cold air that makes it still ache 20 years later? I was listening to a song by Nicole Norderman called "Real to me"... love her! Hope she puts some new stuff out soon.... but there is a verse at the end of the song that says

"So lay down the sword, & put away the doctrine, Love a little more, cause
everybody's broken"


I thought of just how a bone feels - & how it fits with our spiritual "brokeness".... its painful, no one enjoys it, it takes time to heal, some even take surgery - more procedures to make it better - & even after it heals, there are marks. Sometimes it takes therapy to work it out, get stronger. Sometimes there are scars, sometimes pain & aches even years later, sometimes a limp or carrying yourself a little differently - but in the end, it gets fixed.

Praise the Lord that when we're broken, He can put the pieces back together again....


  1. WONDERFUL post! I broke my ankle as was actually one year ago in Feb. I was walking out of church and I slipped on black ice and just like you, my leg went one way and my foot another...ouch! The year before that I had shattered the tibia in my left leg. Maybe this is because I don't drink milk either? That is a great song you are referring to and you are so right...I'm so thankful that the Lord puts me back together when I am broken.

  2. I love this post.....such a great message. I have never had a broken bone, but have had surgery so I kinda know about the broken-ness. I am so thankful that Jesus heals us and makes us whole.

  3. i have never broken a bone, but my knees are awful from playing basketball so i know that aching feeling.

  4. I've broken lots of bones. I broke my ankle when I was three just sleeping in my bed. Seriously!

  5. Sounds like that hurt! The ankle is the worst because its so fragile after it heals and it is easily broken again. I can't think of anyway to tie that into your theme, but that's what you are for!

    Loved the post!

  6. I haven't ever broken anything, but this is a great post!

  7. Rebecca,
    I've broke several bones in my day, but thankfully never an ankle -- ouch!!!

    I don't know this song off the top of my head, I need to look it up.

    Have a Blessed evening,

  8. So sorry about your broken ankle! That is no fun...hoping you recover smoothly and quickly!!

  9. I just can't get past the broken bone part. OUCH! Really great story though! :)

  10. Amen!! I love how you can take an everyday situation (Ok, hopefully broken bones are not everyday situations) and turn it into a spiritual lesson!!

    I love the broken analogy!! I broke my arm when I was 10 and it's a pain I'll never forget!!

  11. i've never broken a bone... knock on wood. sprains but no broken bones.

  12. Rebecca - you have the BEST posts! This just had such a wonderful message. I for sure thought you were going to say you broke something today!
    I've had my (un)fair share of broken bones - I worry I'll be one of those little old ladies who is always breaking a hip every half hour.

  13. I fell and broke my tailbone on the edge of a concrete step after college. I still feel the pain in my Butt when it gets cold or I sit too long. Guess it's telling me to get up and WIGGLE IT! ;)


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