Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So we get back from this amazing weekend & we were so honored to have an Elder teach our class because we knew we'd be knocked out... which we were! But man, this lesson we got to experience knocked us out even more....

He brought in some potting soil & mixed it up with water until it created a "mud" base.... he then had all the kids come up & dip their hands in it. They had to name a sin that we commit while they were rubbing this yuck all over them. They then had to stand with it on their hands while we read some scripture.

It was so powerful to watch them try to get if off themselves... the more they rubbed & tried to pull it off, the more mess it made. And it would drip down on the ground when they tried to get it off & then they were stepping in it - it started to get EVERYWHERE... it was getting where they couldnt control everywhere the "sin" was...

I didnt have dirt on me because I was reading the scripture from my Bible... but yet, when I went to shake hands, the dirt ended up on me... maybe not alot at first, but the more times I shook anyone's hand, the dirtier & dirtier my hands got. What an example to these kids to show them the influence of people that maybe aren't doing the "right" things - how it can rub off on you so easily - & then get worse & worse.... pretty soon, my hand was just as dark as theirs.

One of the kids even mentioned how the mud felt really good at first - warm & oozy, like it was fun to play in... & then while they stood there - it started to burn in cuts they had - & it was getting hard & making their hands hard to move... exactly what sin does to us.......

And of course, we had water that represented Jesus that is able to take that sin - that dirt - away! And it was such a warm & soothing feeling too in the water.... wow - what a powerful lesson in just a simple act.

One of the girls was messing with the dirt on her hand while they were standing there - I went to see what she was doing - she had wrote "SIN" in the palm of her hand in the dirt...
this picture just says it all - doesn't it?

How dirty sin can make our lives - but how thankful are we for the grace that washes it away - if we only reach out & ask!


  1. Steve did such a good job with this. I'm sure it will be etched in everyone's memories for years to come!

    One of the best examples I've ever seen.

  2. What a great example... and Joe is right... that memory will stick with these kids..

  3. That's an awesome lesson.

  4. Wow...what a great idea. That is a great way to explain sin to the kids and the adults. Awesome!

    And I passed along some awards to you, stop by to get them.

  5. What a powerful lesson!

    Great pics, too.

    Glad you had a good experience.

  6. That is such a great visual. I am so glad you shared pics.

    Do you mind if I pass this idea on to our ministry team?

  7. Rebecca,
    WOW this is such a powerful illustration!!! What a GREAT example!! That last pic really got me.

    Have a Blessed afternoon,

  8. What a great illustration!

    I've read Frank Peretti's book, The Oath. In it, he uses black goo to symbolize the sin in each person's heart. Pretty powerful visual.

    Glad your kids "got" it through this lesson!

  9. Very cool! I love object lessons...not just for kids, but for us, too. It makes the lessons so memorable!

  10. What a great metaphore! A messy metaphore but perfect because that's what sin is!

  11. Wow---that is a very powerful example!! raelly makes you think!

  12. What a creative & unique idea! Some folks are natural born educators ! Awesome message!!


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