Monday, February 16, 2009


I used this song in a lesson I gave yesterday & it really hit alot of hearts...

it hits mine too each time I hear it...

Why do we feel the need to put on the "happy face" & act like we have no problems - or that we never struggled? Can you imagine if everyone went in & told, most importantly, what they SURVIVED - what they have VICTORY in? How encouraging that would be - instead of making people feel alone....

The lines that get me most:
"But would it set me free -If I dared to let you see
The truth behind the person - that you imagine me to be
Would you arms be open - or would you walk away
Would the love of Jesus - be enough to make you stay"

Watch this video of a skit a youth group did - its amazing & will bless your heart!!! May it inspire the church!


  1. That was fantastic! They're so creative and what a message. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow! What a neat little video - enjoyed it very much! I don't have kids - but if I did & one of my kids was up on that stage - I would be elbowing everybody around me in the audience going "that's my kid right there!! Isn't she great!!"

  3. Rebecca,
    Okay so seriously pass the hanky please. That was incredible. I have such a heart for young people and the group that I'm involved in did a human video earlier in the year. It is so powerful to see a song worked out like this and this is one of my fav's, I play it a lot and have been thinking about doing a HV on this very song.

    The message in it is powerful. How often have we plastered on the smile and went to church as if all is perfect in our lives?

    Thank you for this today friend.

    I love you girl!! Have a Blessed day,

  4. Good one. Good song, good message. So true....we have our "faces" that we wear to make everyone think we've got it all together and like the song says if we just believe it hard enough, then maybe it will be so.

  5. I don't know the song, myself, but it is hard to "put it all out there" for fear of being judged or people responding awkwardly.

  6. Love that. and I love what you said about if we shared what we have survived. how cool that would be. i think it would be such a ministry to others. great song!!

  7. Casting Crowns are so awesome. I gave my life back to Christ after being away from Him when I started listening to their music. So many of their songs just hit so close to home...

  8. Recently our pastors have been praying with people at the altar instead of just a prayer time where people come to pray alone. To see their hands upon REAL people with REAL hurts and to see the people of our congregation hunger for them to pray over them has truly been such an awesome blessing. Just to see people being real and bringing their needs before the Lord has been exactly what we've needed. I had not heard that song so thanks for sharing!!

  9. What a great message being sent! Brought tears to my eyes!

  10. Hi! I just wanted to thankyou for stopping by my blog. I have to agree that I am the world's worst for putting on a "masquerade" like everything is happy when things are bad. I guess that is the "human" in us. Thankyou again for welcoming me to the blogging world!


  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your blog is sweet.

  12. I totally agree about this song! It is so amazing! Casting Crowns are so great! We were at the Matthew West show too!! Wasn't it great? That was my 3rd time seeing him and he just gets better! His music always seems to be so relatable as does Casting Crowns...especially this song! Love your blog!!! :)


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