Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Michael Phelps.... the story is everywhere....

There is so much wrong about this situation.... he shouldnt have been smoking pot. He's an example to so many being an Olympic star that is in the spot light..... he should really think about who his friends are - I mean, how did this picture get out? And why was someone TAKING a picture?....... so many level to go on how wrong this story is....

But what gets me about the whole thing - where he screwed up is out there for everyone to see.

Can you imagine just for a minute if in your worst mistake or screw ups in life, someone took a picture & put it out for everyone to see? Just imagine what that would feel like - for everyone to see you in the worst possible moment! And then to have people who looked up to you turn their backs on you instead of understand.... or worse, try to dig up even more mistakes, even more failures - keep knocking you down!! I even heard the county the picture was taken is going to see about pressing charges.

And maybe there is accountability there too - because its public now, maybe he'll think again before doing something like this - but to me, its just sad how this whole story has worked out. Not so much for what he did - afterall, he's HUMAN - but that people love to see someone fail....

I also have to say - I admire the guy for being out front & saying, "Yeah, that was me...." - he didnt try to put a fake excuse or cover it up.
I just wish people in this world would want to help a man instead of loving to see them fail.... Isn't that what Jesus would want?


  1. I agree... was he wrong? Yep... Should he "man up"? Yep... should there be consequences? Yep... Have we all been there?? OH YEAH... and Jesus... he has wiped us clean... unfortunately... the world isn't as forgiving! If only we would all strive to be more like Christ!

  2. I totally agree. If I was in the public eye as much as he is, I'm sure I'd be SO embarrassed of my many mistakes I make on a daily basis. I admire him for owning up to it. Hopefully he learned from this mistake. :)

  3. Rebecca,
    This story really saddened my heart for so many reasons. I completely agree that people need to come along side and love him and help him.

    Love you friend -- Have a Blessed day,

  4. You are right. I would hate for my worst mistakes to be out there.

  5. Hi Rebecca - I should comment more often, because I read every post, and am always inspired by your thoughtful encouragement. Thanks for always being a light, and always reminding me to look to Him!

  6. We're all about building someone up so high and then waiting to see them come crashing down. It's not fair and it's not nice or Christian. Heaven's no I do not want ANYONE catching me in my worst moment. It's hard enough to face and deal with on my own.

  7. I definately give him props for coming forward and being truthful. It just upsets me to see someone get as far as him and then put himself in the wrong situation! I hope he learned. I feel bad for him and for his fans. The media really went to town on this one!

  8. This is SO sad...I just hate it when role models let people down...but you're right, all of us are just the same and we all need Jesus!

  9. My heart ached for this situation. Becuase yes, the worst mistake I ever made was made to feel this way at my church when I got pregnant at the age of 19. Grace, Grace, Grace is what I give this man because i know how hard it is to be in a position where people look up to you....and then you fall. Ouch. I loved how you said it was wrong on so many parts his and other's!

  10. I was so saddened when I heard about this. What a fine young man who made one very bad decision that, unfortunately, will follow him from now on.

    Which one of us has NOT made a bad choice about something? Let them be the one to cast the first stone.

  11. My boss believes he did it on purpose to try to get rid of his over-the-top good-boy persona.

  12. We've got to pick our Champions/Role Models carefully. I'm VERY disappointed in Michael Phelps. He's not a kid, he's a man. A Great swimmer, but not a role model. . .On the other hand I am delighted by all the media attention that is being given to the Captain and Crew of the fated airplane that they heroicly landed. Now HE's a hero.

  13. It would be awful to have photographers documenting your every move--these celebs should be extra aware of it though!!

    I did think he handled it well and was glad he apologized and didn't try to make up some dumb excuse.

  14. Sometimes I think we forget that this guy, even though he is thought of as some type of "American Hero" is just a kid; and kids make mistakes. I saw an ad Michael posed for in a magazine shortly after the olympics, and it bordered on pornographic. I'm not so sure that he is getting any wise counsel or mentoring to go along with his rise to stardom. Let's pray that for the sake of all who look to him as a role model that this comes sooner than later.

  15. True, I am also glad he fessed up instead of denying it like a lot of famous people would do.

  16. This was a great way to look at his situation. I would never have wanted a photograph of my worst moment, yet as I type this I am realizing the Father has seen it all and still loves me, so while the world may be looking down on Michael Phelps hopefully he is or will be saved and can be forgiven by the one who really matters.
    Thanks for the post and for your prayers I am feeling better today.


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