Sunday, February 08, 2009

No more books!!!

OK - here's my book shelf that my dad made me - isn't it beautiful?

I love to read - cant get enough books. And that's actually the problem.... Look at this picture

that is my stack of books that I still need to read! And this picture

Yep - two series of books that I need to read! I love Debbie McComber & hadn't read this series so I snatched them up when there was a sale... & this other one by Janet Evanovich- heard it was so funny about Stephanie Plume - is that the detective's name? (& look how cute Julie & Steve are at their school dance in that picture... )
But I will hear of another book coming out & have to buy it & then end up stacking books up to read "later"....

So I'm on an official Book FAST right now - no more purchasing books - at least till I get at least half of these read!!!! And its been hard already. I love looking in book stores & flipping through books... its my drug of choice (hehe!) - so I'm trying to steer away.

But its funny - I'm making a list of new books that have come out & storing them so I can check after I'm done with reading my own stash & then see if I can find some at "used" prices... this may work out with some cash still in my pocket... nice! Wish me luck... got tons of reading I gotta do!

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  1. Good luck sista! If there ever were a healthy addiction, I think reading would be it!

    Now, if you could just find some more space...and money...

    May I suggest the library?

  2. Wow! Our lives are parallel in that area! I just went out to the garage where my books are being kept until I can get some bookshelves for them. I am shocked and have to admit that I'm hooked on books. I have tons and I'm not kidding either, tons of books.

    I'm also a member of and I've now decided that I'm going to offload some of the ones that I've read before and when the time comes, I'll swap the ones that I want to read. You should check it out. It's free.

    PS--I like Debbie Macomber also.

  3. Your dad made that?? WOW! It is beautiful!!!!!!!!!! He's got some talent and those are some lucky books to call it home! :)

  4. I love that bookshelf! You just need to read from the stash for awhile then you can get some new books. :)

  5. Oooh, go to and see if they have the books you want there, that way you can let go of some that you've read already and the newest ones on your list will be free ;o)

  6. I do love that bookcase... maybe your dad just needs to build you ANOTHER one so your other books will have a home! Okay... just kidding... just keep reading... you are a major reader... it won't be long until you'll have that stack whittled down... and you do have a friend who loves to read, you know? So anytime you want to share just give me a holler!

  7. I totally understand....although my issue is with yarn! I told myself that I wasn't going to buy anymore until I got a few things knit up...and one of my friends gave me two skeins for my birthday!!!

  8. Something you and your son-in-law have in common, haha. I've tried putting him on a book fast, but it never lasts longer than a week. He has a serious addiction.

  9. I should compare piles with you! I have BOXES full of OLD books that I want to read. And I just keep getting more...right there with ya! And a library card? Only saves you long-term space -- you can pile up on those too! I can spend HOURS in the library.

  10. it sounds like there are a number of us "bookies" out here..i went with my daughter to Barns and Noble Booksellers..i left my purse home intentionally. we found a 2$ sale.. she said oh mom get some i will buy! i could not resist! i think i got 10.
    we are going to build a house here soon. i am going to have grumpy build shelves like that in my "reading room" as he calls it.
    it is really a den. but he knows me.

  11. I agree with Lynn, have your dad build you some more bookshelves. Those are gorgeous!

  12. Rebecca,
    I heart books!!! I love the written word and of course The Word is my fav!!

    Have a Blessed evening,

  13. I love books, too! Have them here and there on shelves all over my house and even some packed in boxes in the garage.

    Did you read the Mitford Years series by Jan Karon? I loved those books.


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