Friday, February 13, 2009

V-day = Pressure!

Working with girls that are in high school - you can see the pressure that Valentine's day puts on them. Sadly, I can remember it too!

Remember in Elementary school where you made the cute little boxes & waited for everyone to put one in your box. Yes - you had to make a valentine for everyone, but you just wanted that "Special" one that was in every box of Valentines!.... I loved making those boxes! Sticker fun!!!

Then in Middle school - or even yet, High school - someone started the idea of delivering flowers. The Red ones were the love ones - the pink were secret admirers or an "I like you" - & white was for friendships. You'd see the popular girls carrying an arm full of carnations in their arms while other girls would have a look of longing in their face. And the bad thing, these girls also had roses delivered to the school from their boyfriends.... double the knife in the girl's guts with no boyfriends.....

And we grow up & still feel like if we dont have someone - or if someone doesnt do Valentine's just right - we get upset.... & truthfully, I'll admit, if Ricky didnt get me something - even just a card - I'd be upset too! Isn't it dumb how we're programmed to be like that?

One of the youth girls said to me the other day "Its going to be a great Valentine's day because I have a guy that likes me".... really? That's what makes it special? Because you have someone who likes you?

To me - that makes me sad! Every day we should look around & see who likes us - even better yet - who LOVES us! Not the people you are with on February 14th - but the people who are there year round - in the best of times & the worst of times! And we should show people every day of the year that we love them.
Growing up, my parents always got me something on Valentine's day... I knew they loved me every day - & while they showed it in a special way on Feb. 14th - they also showed it the other 364 days...
I hope everyone has a great Valentine's day... one full of love, from family - from friends - from husband/wives - boyfriends/girlfriends! Maybe even love from yourself! That you can take a day & do something special for yourself - a shopping trip or a great dinner or even a spa???
To all my friends & family - I love you... EVERYDAY - not just Valentine's day!

More importantly - God LOVES you EVERYDAY!!!! in EVERY WAY! Find your worth in that right there!!!


  1. What a great post! You always know how to make me feel better :) Heart you! Happy VDay!

  2. Oh yes, I remember those years. When the flower deliverer would come into each class with an arm full of roses and handed them out to every girl BUT me.

    Whoever thought of that idea should be shot. I would much rather go back to the good ol days making valentines boxes in 3rd grade!

  3. Rebecca,
    Thank you for this post. We should love every day and not just on V-day.

    Oh the stinkin' flowers I never got ughhhh!!! Who thought up that idea anyway?

    Love you friend!!!

    Have a Blessed and fun weekend,

  4. AMEN SISTER FRIEND! I Love You Too... EVERYday!!!! And yeah, I remember those days... me... I was the one without flowers or the special card... and yeah... it hurt sometimes... but you know what??? When I look back now, I can honestly say... waiting to get something from the one that God has chosen just for me... that is where it is at. I just wish all they young girls could just KNOW that God has chosen someone special for them, and if they seek His will in that... the wait is SO worth it!!!!

  5. Great post!
    I saw these chocolate covered strawberries that I am definitely going to buy myself. Thanks :-)

  6. Amen to your last sentence, sistah! That's the valentine I value the most!

  7. I am convinced we were separated at birth..or at least went to the same high school! Oh goodness the pressure of buying those different colored flowers! I "might" have gotten a few flowers but we were sat alphabetically in my school & that put me behind one of the most popular girls in the whole universe. She would have arm loads of flowers to my measly 2 or 3 flowers. If eyes could burn a hole into the back of someone's skull - Lord knows I tried!! Back then all those flowers meant the difference between being a nobody or being with the "in crowd". Today, it just makes for a humorous memory!

  8. I totally remember those days. My friends and I would make a pack to send each other lots of carnations so we wouldn't feel like sad the school allows things like that just to make money. When you are in those tween/teen years you can't see the big picture of how unimportant it really all is adn that you are really loved by many people.

  9. Wow--I've never heard of that flower thing--I'm glad I never had to go through that!!

    Great post!!

  10. I've left you a little something to pick up over at my blog. :-)

  11. Exactly. This is why I do not like Valentine's Day. Youth think that the only way to have a happy Valentine's Day is to have a significant other, and that should not be in their thought process. They should be happy with who they are regardless of whether or not they have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

  12. GREAT words today! I remember that H.S. scene well...from being there, then from working in youth ministry and teaching. It is HARD. I love what you said at the end, though! Hope you are having a great day!

  13. Love this post. Oh how I remember the pressure!! I do not miss it. Hope you have a great Valentine's day.


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