Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Am I capable of poop on a toothbrush?

Last night, Ricky & I are getting ready for bed.

He's brushing his teeth with his electric toothbrush... going right along... when all of a sudden, he stops.

He pulls the brush out of his mouth & just looks at it... then at me...

Then he sniffs it.. & then looks at me.

I'm getting worried that he's having a stroke or something - what's going on? 

He looks at me & says, "My toothbrush tastes funny... & it stinks!"

I ask, "What does it smell like?"

With all the seriousness in the world, he says, "It smells like DOG POOP!"...

Then with all the seriousness in the world, he looks at me & says, "WHAT DID YOU DO?"

I just busted out laughing... what the heck?  What did he think I was capable of? ... then I'm thinking, what did he do that I havent found out about that he knew that would be my way of resorting revenge? hmmm...

I was laughing so hard I had tears out of my eyes - which made him think I was actually GUILTY of putting dog poop on his tooth brush... which made me laugh even HARDER. 

What a contrast of faces... His, a look of shock - with tooth paste dribbling down his mouth... Me?  Laughing so hard I was ready to puke, with tears running down my cheeks.

I still think he honestly thinks I did something to sabatoge his brush...

.... I did forget to tell him I dropped it in the toilet though while I was cleaning...

JOKING!!! Oh geez... dont tell him that! He'll believe it!....

Needless to say, he had a spare toothbrush head & replaced it...

Now I'm just wanting to soak it in something to make it taste funny just for fun.... any ideas? 

And no - I wont go for dog poop... maybe...


  1. When he gets home from work, ask him to go out in the backyard and scoop poop for you.

    Or, you could knit one of those piles of dog poop and leave it on his pillow as a surprise!! heehee

  2. Glad you really didn't do it! That would be so mean!

  3. oh my gosh that is hilarious!!! I can just picture this in my mind!!!

  4. Mustard
    Anchovy paste
    Hot sauce
    pickle juice

    See...the camp counselor in me just came out. I was a BIG TIME practical joker.

  5. LOL - you guys definitely have an interesting marriage :)

  6. Nasty! I love that your reaction made him really think you'd done it.
    My youngest son comes out of the bathroom at least every couple of nights swearing that someone put soap on his toothbrush. He swears it tastes & smells like soap. He's hallucinating, I have no idea why he does this!

  7. Love it - especially how you implicated yourself even though you didn't do anything :D

  8. LOL! Next time, try, "Maybe on of the kids used it." - That would work in our house. Every morning I hear one of the kids say, "Is there a dead rat in your mouth" to another! LOL

    However, I think popcorn smells like poopy diapers. Maybe he had popcorn?

  9. I think I would have laughed too. Not at all what you would expect someone to say. How about some sort of flavoring from your pantry? Vanilla or Almond Extract? If you have a lemon or lime you could let it sit in some of their juices.

  10. LOL Oh that's good stuff!

    I saw an April Fool's tweet that the son had put salt on his daddy's toothbrush as a AF joke. :)

  11. Oh that's too funny that he would think that.

    Hugs & love,


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