Sunday, April 03, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 14

Be prepared... my grandbabies are coming in town next week... for 10 days... so starting next Thursday & the NEXT Project 365, you're going to see tons of pictures of my blond haired loves... dont say I didnt warn you.  Let's look at this week before I get ahead of myself (Can you tell I'm excited for next week?)

March 27 -Sunday - Isnt this supposed to be Spring time? .... yep, I woke up & looked out the window & saw SNOW!!! Wh-wh-WHAT?  Snow?  How messed up is this weather?  Waiting anxiously for Spring to arrive.

March 28 - Monday - Is that soup GREEN?  ... why yes it is!  Because its Homemade Potato & Broccoli Soup.  I added some Turkey Bacon Bits & cheese & it tasted like a baked potato with all the toppings.  It was FANTASTIC!!!!  It was even better the next day warmed up.... Who knew green soup could taste so good?

March 29 - Tuesday - First Mow of the Season .... while its been warm, then cold, then warm, then cold, our grass has been growing.  So it was time for Ricky to pull out the lawn mower for the first time of the year.  The doggies love when he mows - they go & lay out in the yard with him... & then come in with green padded feet.  The smell of fresh cut grass.  A sign that Spring HAS to be near.

March 30 - Wednesday - Mouth Guard ... Went to the dentist for my new crown & my dentist ended up giving me a free mouth guard because I'm causing so much damage grinding my teeth.  They had to take a mold of my mouth to fit the guard on it.  They gave me the mold so if something happens to the guard, I can just bring in the mold & they can make another one... how cool is that?  But its WEIRD sleeping in this thing. Makes me feel like I am a 16 yr old with a retainer in my mouth.  I can totally feel a difference in my teeth though with the no-grinding.... never knew I was so stressed... hmmmm...

March 31 - Thursday - Excel Nightmare .... I had to do a spreadsheet for an audit that we're going through at work & it was driving me NUTS!  Literally worked on it all day.  My eyes were burned out - my hands were sore from "clicking" the mouse all day... it was a rough accounting day.  (Yes, the post it is a picture of my brain yelling for HELP!) .... by the way, I had it all figured out by Friday morning.  GO ME!

April 1 - Friday - Call me 4-eyes .... I got to go pick up my glasses.  I hit a 50/50 luck with the frames.  One pair (the picture here) I really like the frames.  The second pair, I hate.  And the crazy thing, I thought Ricky would hate these & like the others.  He hates the others too... Oh well... At least I can use the ugly pair to keep at home by the computer.  Its hard to get used to them though.  My eyes are straining to get used to them... between my eyes & my teeth this week, my body has been struggling...

(Like my eye glass case?  Did you expect anything less from me?)

April 2 - Saturday - Best game ever .... today was the top of my training day - I got in 11 miles & then just wanted to veg out.  My feet were killing me.  Glad nothing else hurt - just shows me I need new shoes for the Half-Marathon.  But the rest of the night, I just had my Pod with me & enjoyed playing "Words with Friends" with my blog buddies... (if you ever want to play, my name is rebeccajo777)... got the body in shape earlier & then keeping the mind sharp too! 

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  1. Your green soup looks pretty darn yummy :)

    I think you need to take a picture of yourself in the ugly glasses. I have no shame on my blog so you shouldn't on yours. Heh.

  2. Gee...I see you got a good shot of my horrible score!!!!

    Warning to all of you who dare take on Rebecca...she's a BEAST!!!

    But, beware, Rebecca. I'm coming for you after July 1st when I can dedicate all of my brain cells to the game. :)

  3. Recipe for the soup please. Sounds delish! and it is still chilly here so soup is a must! Snow and mowing grass in the same week. crazy.

  4. sorry for the snow...that would put me over the edge in March! But, funny we have not mowed our yard yet this year!

    I was never good with that picture stresses ME out! glad you figured it out!!!

  5. Yea...excel is not my friend so just seeing it made me cringe! glad you were able to figure it out though! And snow is not fun but the smell of freshly cut grass it! And that soup looks delish! would love the recipe

  6. I just might do the 365 challenge. looks fun. Found you through SITS.

  7. Y'all had SNOW last weekend?! Crazy!

    I want that soup recipe!

  8. I couldn't believe that snow, either. Lucky for me, I was in Tennessee, but I still worried for my eager flowers that are ready to bloom.

    I can't wait to hear about your grandbaby adventures and see pictures!

    Yay for the first mow! Spring is just around the corner!

  9. Sooo... Could you taste the broccoli?

    Snow? Still?

    I've never been good at excel. So glad you figured it out. So days our mind just needs a break and then break through comes!

  10. I play Words with Friends on my IPAD...I am BRHSTEACH....please play with me sometime. I love this game. My husband plays with me...sometimes at night we sit...side by side...and play each that weird or what? I stress sometimes driving and clench my teeth...I wear a football mouth guard that seems to work very well.

  11. I'm waiting for my new glasses to come in this week. Soooo glad for this back-up pair when my regulars broke, but these are old.
    My 89 yr.old mother loves to play Words With Friends! I may get into it sometime.
    Looking forward to meeting your grands, 'abuela'!


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