Monday, April 04, 2011

Too much FOG & a FALL? What a crazy story-telling night!

I just saw on Facebook a bunch of people talking about some big basketball game on tonight?  I havent seen one game all year, not going to start now.  I'd only watch it if the players had on some swinging fringe or rhinestones... now THAT would be a fun ball game! As it is, I'm sticking to my hunky men of Dancing with the Stars... & we're LIIIIVEEEEE!!!!

8:00 - "Tonight we challenge the dancers to pick songs important to their lives... their dances will tell a personal story... love, loss, and triumph..." -Tom

8:03 - "It promises to be an emotional night..." -Tom

8:07 - "I want to bring how I got started in media, which was in radio" - Wendy "When I was working... I wouldnt even stop at my parents house when I was tired.  I slept in rest stops so I didnt have to explain my radio dream...that was the time who I learned who I was as a person"

8:08 - I want to give it up for Wendy Williams for sporting a huge mirror ball ring!  I'd wear that!!!

8:12 - "... We usually start with Len, but we want to congratulate the woman who got engaged on national television..." -Tom to Carrie Ann who is flaunting the ring.  "You should be in your happy place"

8:13 - "... this was a struggle.  It lacked fluidity" -Len ... (OUCH - straight 5's from the judges)

8:20 - "For my song, I picked "Chelsea" because it was written for me by my first love & it has a lot of special meaning... it was epic & romantic.... we started dating the next day" - Chelsea

8:21 - I always love when Mark shows the girls how to be sexy... "WORK... IT.... OUT" '
..."I'm intimidated by you - you're a better girl then I am" - Chelsea

8:23 - "Chelsea... little first taste of love... tasty...taste... & oh yeah, a good cha-cha" -Bruno

8:31 - "I just finished wrestling training & got a call that said you need to come home right now... my mom was in an accident.  She was so scared. I saw it in her eyes... I thought I'd give up & not wrestle anymore.  She said no, you're not going to give up your life for this... she slowly deteriated & passed away in 2005... the one thing she was into was dancing" -Chris "This is very much a heart felt piece"

8:33 - "Let it be" ...  Hope you like it mom... I love you" - Chris

8:35 - "Chris Irving... that was a beautiful tribue to your mom" - a crying Carrie Ann

8:42 - "I chose a song called 'You & me' - the story is about the beginning of mine & Hank's relationship.... people were hating all over." -Kendra  "People were saying 'why is he marrying her'?"

8:43 - "its so weird dancing the "dance of love" with Louie... he's the complete opposite of Hank" -Kendra

"I'm honored she chose me as her husband" - Hank holding their son... who is A-dor-ABLE!!!!

8:45 - FOG ALERT!!!!! the fog was so thick you couldnt even see Kendra on stage...& then she's wobbling down the stairs like she's lost on where she's at... that was almost funny!

8:46 - "There is NOTHING wrong with a good stripper... it was arousing... & if it had that effect on me, can you imagine how it effected the men in the audience?" -Bruno

8:54 - "I want to tell a story that is emotional.  I'm picking the song 'I'l Be There' because at the age of 9, I lost my cousin to a car accident.  I saw it with my own other cousin died after getting jumped" -Romeo

8:55 - "Something is really bothering Romeo & its not the shoes" -Chelsey

8:56 - "I'm doing this for my cousins... they're probably looking down laughing at me wearing these leprauchan shoes" -Romeo

9:00 - "Last week was a huge step forward... this week was a huge step back" -Len

9:01 - "Later, Len will go to the wizard for a heart...." - Tom

9:03 - "I picked the song "Fantasty" by Earth, Wind & Fire because my mom listened to this song a lot.  Unfortunately, my mom & dad divorced.  My mom saved every penny so she could gain custody of her only child.  She was more proud of me going to college then me being in the NFL" -Hines

9:04 - "I'm never going to quit... she's didnt raise a quitter... I'm going to celebrate my mom with this song"-Hines

9:11 - "Baby's got BOUNCE!!!  It looks like you've been dancing the Samba your whole life" - Carrie Ann
"... shaking butts... bouncing butts... its like 2 for one Happy Hour" - Bruno

9:17 - "I would love to dance to the song "You Raise me Up" ... this song gave me courage to start "Happy Hearts Fund" that starts schools after natural disasters" - Petra

9:20 - "You were like a vision from Heaven & you looked like an angel" - Bruno "Your beauty is great, but your heart is even more beautiful"

9:27 - My story is about beating the odds. They doubted me..." -Sugar Ray

9:28 - "When I hear the song "My Prerogative" its going to take me back to the days when I was fighting" -Sugar Ray

9:30 - I dont care how Sugar Ray is doing... I'm all about all songs from the 90's of Bobby Brown... "Dont be Cruel" is one of my favorite teen albums!!

9:31 - "These dances are like your opponents... you come back stronger & ready for a fight" -Len

9:38 - "I want to dance to 'Over the Rainbow'" - Kristie "I moved to LA - I was up for Star Trek 2. My sister called & said my parents had been hit by a drunk driver & my mother was dead & dad was dying.  In a span of 48 hours, I lost my mother, almost lost my father & got the role.  This song tells of the hope in despair"

9:39 - "Let me introduced you to the actress who is embarassed to act" -Maks
"I dont like acting sexy in front of people... unless I have a beer" - Kristie

9:41.... MAKS FALLS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
 And he looks like he's in pain....

9:43 - "The judges have to base their comments on what they see" - Tom

9:44 - "I think tragedy leads to amazingly beautiful moments... despite the mess up, something magical happened after that" - Carrie Ann "You were connected to your vulnerability & your strength to over come it"
"You cant keep good talent down... when you got up, it was better then ever!!!"- Bruno

9:45 - "Its not about how you fall... its about how you get up" -Tom .... um, that may be my new life motto! :)

9:49 - "I always loved that song ("Stay Gold" from "The Outsiders"). It means to strive, to hold those moments in your life that are most special.  We used that as our wedding song.  This week is my wedding anniversary.  Phylis & I feel like we're soul mates.  Life has meant for us to be together" - Ralph

9:51 - "This is my sexy face... its worked for my wife for 24 years" - Ralph

9:52 - ... a finish with a kneel in front of his wife... Swoon....

9:53 - "I thought it was a very sweet Rhumba" - Carrie Ann ... FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT... Bruno & Len are freaking out on her... they didnt, apparently, agree...

10:00 - Tied at the top is Hines & Petra... Wendy is at the bottom

What did you think?  Too hard on Ralph again?  Feeling bad for Kristie?  Impressed how well she handled it?  Confused if Chelsea is still with the guy who wrote the song for her?  Because I see her & Mark together... I'm telling you - LOVE CONNECTION!   What did you think of all the stories of people dying done to the RHUMBA?  The dance of love?  A little odd... I definitely think Hines is the champion of the night... who was your pick of the day?  ...  dont tell me you were watching basketball instead...

Dance on....


  1. I forgot it was on...I'll have to try to catch it next week.

  2. I almost pooped my pants when Maks fell!! I was like "OMG! MAKS!" I'm not sure if he (or my husband) knows this... but... we kinda gotta thing yano... I was worried! ;-)

  3. Okay, I've heard both, so did Kirstie or Maks fall down?? I'm confused. Good thing I have your blog, since I'm not watching, bwahaha!!! :)

  4. I'm confused about who fell too. I keep reading that it was Kirstie.

    Dang, but I'm feeling so detached this season. :(

  5. yeah, I so see Chelsea hooking up with Mark, but I think I've officially given up on the show. I watched the recap last night and realized I was really paying more attention to my laptop.


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