Sunday, April 10, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 15

Yes, the grandbabies are here... & I am snapping away.  So tons of pictures to edit... which makes me happy.  I love to edit pictures - especially ones of these precious faces... but here's what I got for the week.

Sunday - April 3 - Dry Erase Boards are Da BOMB!!! .... we were waiting for the lesson to start on Sunday when the kids started attacking the dry erase board.  It was great seeing their creativity...

Monday - April 4 - just me & my doggie... I was straightening my hair when Sydney came up & laid her head on my leg as seen here... why?  Because I was eating my breakfast... she'll choose food over love everytime.  I'll take what I can get :)

Tuesday - April 5 - Words with Friends Personal Best!!! .... I dont think I've ever done a word that was that high in points...73 points people!!!  I was proud of myself! :)

Wednesday - April 6 - Outside Youth.... I taught the lesson on Wednesday for the youth & it was on how the world is broken... the result of sin... causing tsunamis, hurricans, floods, etc... so it was appropriate we have our small group time OUTSIDE... its starting to feel like fall.

Thursday - April 7 - Airport to Target... Julie & the grandbabies made it into town.  After lots of delays, we went straight to get something to eat & then have to make the stop at Target to load up on diapers & all the baby supplies.  This little blue eyed baby was so good in Target... my kinda kid!

Friday - April 8 - Nanny Love.... I got home from work & me & the boys went out in the backyard.  I became their jungle gym... & loved every minute of it.  Julie snapped this picture with her camera & I know its going to be a treasure for me to have for years to come...

Saturday - April 9 - 'Night Momma .... Julie & I got to go see Lindsay in her play at college.  Julie has never got to see Linday in all of her glory... & what a play to see her in.  A play that only had 2 actors in it for the whole thing... a play that was an hour & a half with no intermission...a very powerful play about a girl who tells her mom she's committing suicide at the end of the night & their conversation.  Whew... it was a disburbing play - but Lindsay did so well... Ricky was the good grandpa who stayed home while we went out.

Hope everyone has had a great week...


  1. The picture of you and your grandchildren... so precious! Enjoy your time with them!

  2. Wow it looks like a great week. The play sounds so great.

    Hugs & love,

  3. I think a nice Nanny frame is in order for that picture ~~ SO cute!!!

    That play really sounds disturbing and challenging. I have a new apprectiation for plays and all the work it takes, since Dak has been involved a time or two. Yep, a lot of work!!

    You have fun with those g-babies and Julie. When are they going back home? I hope you get LOTS of uninterrupted time with them!!!

    Love you friend ~~ have a Blessed week,

  4. I'm glad you're getting some time with some of your favorite people :) But I think my favorite picture is your puppy giving you (or your breakfast) some love. Too cute!

  5. I love the picture of you and those grandbabies!!! Oh, I so can not wait to be a grandma!!!

  6. Great pics of you and your grandbabies!! loving those blue eyes! And how awesome that you have such a gift with the young at your church.

  7. It really does sound like a fun week. Grandbabies, plays, high score, dry erase those too & youth group. Love that picture of them as well. Great editing. I straighten my hair too :)

  8. You need to get that picture of you and your grandbabies blown up into a poster size! So PRECIOUS! I even love that sweet picture of you and your doggy...TRUE LOVE!

  9. Good job on the word! My daughter got a word the other day...worth 102 points! No, her vocabulary is not out there. She kept trying letters in the open spots and GOT LUCKY! Stinker!

  10. Love the photo of you and your grand babies is amazing. Have a great week..

  11. time with the grandchildren...nothing beats that!


  12. Awww....I got to see my littler grands this week too.
    Impressive score! I haven't started Words w/ Fds. yet! I'm afraid I'll get hooked and it will take too much time.


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