Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Monsters & Aliens won out...

Yep... you're not seeing a Dancing with the Stars recap today...

Why?  Because I was busy watching "Monsters & Aliens" with a little curly-blond haired boy sitting in my lap. 

(Can I say, I laughed more in that movie then a lot of movies I've seen lately... very cute...)

I did catch Dancing with the Stars later, but then I had that same cute little blond hair boyed sitting in front of me "coloring" ... & by "coloring", I mean taking off the paper off every crayon we have... & then throwing all that paper like confetti.  Whatever occupies him, right?

I will say - I loved the live singers & totally was digging the violin player. 

I replayed Ralph Macchio to watch again (love his little Gene Kelly spins) ...

I loved Mark & Chelsea but think he's pushing buttons by taking choregraphy to the edge.  You can only say, "We're young" so many times... I love their dances, but you know you're just making the judges mad. 

Hines Ward.... becoming my favorite...

Kristie Ally... does this girl just scream "BAD LUCK"?  How does a shoe come off?  And what a hideous dress they put her in?  That was just cruel waredrobe department!

I do think its anyone's game though...

I'll be watching the result show tonight anxious to see who's going... but I think it'll be after we have our Toy Story 3 viewing.  (Yes, I've heard... I'll have tissues near by)


  1. I watched Toy Story 3 in the theatre and then rented it again for my trip to Chicago to watch on my iPod. I laughed as hard, if not harder, and probably did the same when it came to the tears, too. Such a sweet movie.

    I did not watch DWTS either...my father in law was haning crown molding, so the tv was unplugged. Oh well! :)

  2. I didn't catch DWTS last night...I watched Drew Carey's "Improvaganza". It was pretty funny...those guys just crack me up! I get amazed at how Wayne Brady can just break out in song...completely made up, too! Sounds like you're really enjoying your time with your little ones!

  3. RJ,
    I LOVE Classical music and dancing, I'm just not sure that both together worked very good. But boy could that violist play and could that soprano sing. Oh.my.word.

    Me too, loving Hines Ward and also Ralph and feeling really bad for Kirstie. What in the world?

    I haven't seen Toy Story 3 yet, but Sir Cuteness has, sat through the whole thing at the movies and LOVED it. But isn't it about the boy going off to college....tear. I think I'll wait till Dak's already in college =)

    Love you girl ~~ have a Super day with your fam ~~ Dawn

  4. Why can't I find the time to watch DWTS? I did record one episode but I had to watch it around dressing children, yelling at children, feeding children, yelling at children. Wait! I think I said that last one twice. Yeah, I did, but it's sort of true. I think it's a great show even though I haven't seen a full episode yet.
    Your Friend, m.

  5. I loved Toy Story 3 and yes you will need tissues. haha

    I agree on Kirstie's dress and her luck....both bad.

  6. I've heard TS3 makes you cry too much, so I don't want to see it, lol. Espeically with my boys growing away from my nest slowly, but surely!

    Hugs & love,

  7. Toy Story 3...so so good!! You are going to love it!

    I haven't seen Monsters vs Aliens, yet.

    The only Dancing with the Stars that I see is what I read on your blog. hehe So, I'm glad to know we are pulling for Hines Ward this season.


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