Monday, April 18, 2011

the start of the pictures....

So I know it was "Dancing with the Stars" night.. but know what?  I didnt even really get to watch it tonight.

I actually ran to church - literally... still gotta get ready for the half marathon... & then did a Zumba class with some of the ladies at church.  It was so much fun.  It doesnt feel like working out when you're laughing & having a good time.  I'm sure it'll feel like a workout when I wake up sore in the morning...

But I came home & ended up working on some pictures.  These arent any of the photo shoot we did at the beautiful location - but here's just a preview of some other shots we took. 

Luke was just the most adorable little model this time.  Isaac wasnt cooperating that great for my camera - but he's been my perfect model on other trips - so it was a great time to catch Luke up on the pictures.  You all know the 2nd child doesnt get as many pictures as the first anyways... not in this case.  I think we're pretty even in pictures on both boys now :)  I'm such a good Nanny.

Look at him... he's ready for battle with his stick...

I loved biting these feet... & Luke would just laugh & laugh.  He's such a ticklish baby... which made me want to tickle him more & more...

Luke became quick friends with all the doggies too... Bruno is one dog who loves a little boy.  Luke was busy climbing on Buffy, our yellow lab - pulling up her mouth, poking her nose... dogs were great entertainment for him....

Julie is always a beautiful model herself... she went to get her hair done while she was visiting & I told her to come outside... we snapped these pictures in just a few minutes... I love these picture of her...

And yes, I got pictures of Isaac... I'll show some of those tomorrow... that also gives me more time to edit more pictures.  I'm so thrilled with the way some of these pictures are turning out. 

Stay tuned for some more cute faces....


  1. Oh my gosh, it looks like you are having so much fun with those grandbabies! Lucky you! They are adorable...

  2. His feet are sooooo precious! Glad you got those pictures!!

  3. Love the cuteness of baby feet & his little Superman outfit with striped leggings is TOO cute! Keep the pictures coming RJ....I love it!

  4. Your grandbabies are precious and Julie is gorgeous!

  5. I'm a sucker for baby feet! Julie is absolutely STUNNING! She looks like such a natural. Can't wait to see MORE!

  6. great pics!! i so want to try zumba sometime...i don't think we have any classes near by around us...maybe theirs a dvd out there!

  7. These are great shots.. I loved them.. I want to take a Zumba class someday.. I knew you loved Belle..


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