Tuesday, April 19, 2011

who knew cutting the grass was so fun?

Ricky needed to cut the grass...

Isaac was a little intimated by the riding lawn mower - but we have a little daredevil who has NO FEAR in Luke - so we wanted to see how he did riding on Pappy's lap....

Does this tell you anything?  No - that's not a scary scream... that is a GUT LAUGH on his face.  We could hear him laughing over the sound of the lawn mower...especially on the hills... even more so on the DOWN HILL parts...

He was pointing at everything they would ride by & go "ohhhhh" - so when Ricky pointed at me, Luke pointed right along.... I may have even got an "ohhhh" .... is this the cutest picture?

And while that was going on... I got to play Hide & Seek with Isaac.... who hides like an ostrich.  Hide his face behind a newspaper & you cant see him - right?

(I love the sunlight in his hair)

Sydney even got to sit out front with us. She's the only one we can give that privilege on most days... the others want to run around & get lost... not Syd ... she's a good Country Dog who is happy just laying on the front porch watching the world go by.

(This was the day before Syd got shaved down too... all that hair?  Now gone!!!... she's much happier)

Isaac still didnt want a turn on the lawn mower... instead he just sat next to his mommy waiting for his brother to get off that loud contraption...

I think the next time Ricky has to mow the grass, he's going to miss all this company.....


  1. my lily is fixin to get shaved too!!!

    love the pictures!!!

  2. I would mow the lawn if I had a riding mower myself! LOOK OUT!

  3. Great pictures you have here to memorialize this precious memory! So cute and fun! I always thought it would be fun to ride on one of those while the grass gets cut! We always had fairly small yards though so never had one of those riding mowers.

  4. Those boys are just BEAUTIFUL! You are a blessed Nanny! :)

  5. They are both so adorable!!!

  6. Those lawn mower pictures are just the BEST! You are one lucky grandma!

  7. Love the pictures.. Mowing lawn will never be the same. Yes, I went on the tea cups. You control how the twist and turn. Since we had Alyce and me we went slow and barley did any turns. I had to watch her the whole time or I would have gotten sick.. Have a great night..

  8. Happy Earth Day and Happy THursday...

  9. Loved the pictures and am enjoying Words with Friends...letters have been really lousy. Happy Easter.

  10. How sweet! I remember my brother and I taking turns riding with my father on the lawn mower.

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