Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding... again...

I remember being a little girl.

My mom waking me up early in the morning telling me, "This is history - you'll want to see this"

... & I did... because it was every little girls dream.

A lady in a beautiful gown... marrying a prince... becoming a real life princess.

And I still remember everything about that wedding.

& here it is so many years later.... that Princess has now left this world... her son has grown up & it was his wedding day.

I got up early to watch it before I had to leave for work. 

Ricky kept saying, "I dont understand why anyone cares".... such a man...

When they showed Kate riding in the car with her dad & they said, "This is the last time a father rides with just his daughter... he will watch her become the future Queen of England" .... I got chills

& when William wouldnt turn to look at his bride & they said, "Everyone has now seen the dress... everyone except William.  He is last in the world to see his bride"... who knew William was such a romantic... I got all teary eyed... while Ricky just laughed at me & told me not to be late to work...

I have to say - I expected a wedding dress more in the style of what her sister wore...

But how elegant.  I instantly thought of Grace Kelly myself & then all the comparisons came...

She definitely looked elegant... regal... royal...

I dont know if I'll be alive when William & Kate's child gets married... but if I am, I'll get up & watch again.  Even with Ricky laughing at me.... I'm just waiting at my desk at work for that balcony kiss...

I hope "Happily Ever After" is in the future for these two....

Did you watch?  What did you think of the dress?  And how crazy were some of those hats?  (Yes, I'm speaking to you Fergie's daughters... wow!!!)


  1. I have DVR'd the wedding coverage (just wait until I get home and tell the Big Guy that he needs to watch TV in the basement. ha!). I too, remember getting up at the crack of dawn with my Aunt to watch the wedding.

    Surprisingly, I said the other night that I bet her dress will be a bit modest--afterall, she IS the future Queen. I love her dress...and can't wait to watch it!

  2. I have not seen it yet. I did see the dress on the yahoo homepage. I DVR'd it and Kailyn and I are going to watch it tonight.

  3. I got up at teary-eyed when I saw William. Then, caught a glimpse of Catherine and she was breathtaking (teary-eyed again). I really lost it when they did their vows. When she got into the carriage, he said something to her and I saw the words "so happy". **LOVE**

  4. RJ,
    I didn't get up early to watch the nuptials, but I did get in when all the people were walking in the streets. I thought that was an amazing sight!!

    I thought she looked stunning and very princess like. She was just beautiful. I thought the dress suited her very elegant style.

    Fergie's daughters: What were you thinking? And that's all I'll say about that. =)

    Love you friend ~~ have a Blessed weekend,

  5. I didn't watch it, but I have been reading about it and looking as some pictures and videos of it. I did watch Charles and Di's wedding.

  6. WE watched it this morning via reruns....I cried... Not sure why but I special. Such a fairy tale.

  7. I adored every minute of it. Fergies girls looked like the evil stepsisters!

    It just had me on cloud 9 today & I too remember his mother's wedding.

    Hugs & love,

  8. Yes, I stayed up all night! The wedding was wonderful. Everything I wanted. And Katarina loved it....also, since we call her Kate sometimes, she has now taken to calling herself "Princess Kate".

    I thought that Kate and Pippa both looked gorgeous. I liked the Queen's yellow hat and outfit.

    Fergie's daughters. That was just all sorts of wrong. Someone should have stopped them. Posh too, Katarina took one look at her and declared her outfit a "funeral outfit" and her hat "silly". I had to agree.

    I hope William and Kate get that Happily Ever After!!

  9. I was up for the second half. I cried like a baby and like you I recall Princess Diana's wedding too though we listened to it on the radio while driving to MT. I was 6 and I still remember the pomp and circumstance described that morning.

    My highlights of the day were when the crowd outside Westminster Abbey could be heard exploding into cheers after they said their vows and again when they were pronounced husband and wife. I was a wreck! I also cried as they walked out of the church together. Every little girl's dream come true. Yaya's especially.


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