Thursday, April 14, 2011

what I learned from the grandbabies - PART 2

Another day with the little ones... what did I learn today?

* A 3 yr old prefers their Pappy WAY over their Nanny... Pappy comes home from work & Isaac will RUN to the door to give him hugs... Nanny?  Not so much

* A 1 yr old loves when ANYONE comes home... more attention...

* There is a difference in IronMan action figures... "new" & "old" hold a new meaning to toys

* Trying to change a 3 yr old's shirt when they dont want to = impossible

* when hearing the word "buddy" - it actually means "somebody"

* Kids dont cry in Toy Story 3... but a room full of adults can well up in tears easily... AND freak out during it.  (I was literally holding Isaac asking him, "everything is going to be OK, isnt it?"... He would just look at me & laugh)

* Losing the said-earlier-mentioned Iron Man can make 3 adults rummage through a house QUICK... especially at bedtime

* You cant expect 2 kiddos to look at the same time at a camera...

* You can still do an amazing photoshoot with a beautiful mommy & 2 gorgeous boys

(Stay tuned... we did a photo shoot yesterday & I have some AMAZING pictures coming.  Over 150 needs to be edited...If you havent yet, check out the button on the side for "Rebecca Jo Photography" - they'll be posted there...)

We're going out to lunch with a friend today & trying to figure out a time to "Build a Bear" - so I'm sure more things are going to be learned...


  1. Oh I bet they will LOVE Build a Bear! Can't wait to see your photos!

  2. Oh what I learn from my G-babe. If I did posts on it, I'd be up to something like #1,472,822 or someting like that =)

    Build-a-Bear ~~ I wanna go =)

    Love you friend ~~ have a Blessed day,

  3. Beautiful pics - of course the subject matter was gorgeous too :-)

    P.S. couldn't connect to your blog again via email - realized it was because the second "c" was missing from Rebecca :D

  4. PRECIOUS beyond compare! You are livin' the life, my friend! Can hardly wait to see more pics!

  5. Sounds like you're having some good times with those little boys!


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