Thursday, April 28, 2011

At a distance...

(This is part of the communion message I did for Easter.... so Happy Late Easter)

Ever have a child so excited to run into a toy store - or a playground?

I took my nieces to a toy store & one was off quick.  So many choices - so much to look at - so much to PLAY with..  No time to stand around!  Gotta get to the business of toy-hunting!

I could see her, I never let her out of my sight.... but she was just so excited, she kept running ahead.  Too excited to care how far apart we were from each other.

The distance was getting wider between us...

Then she turned around... but she didnt see me.  There were other people, other children, toys in her way - distracting her from my face at the end of the aisle.

... & I saw panic...

Panic because she felt lost.  Panic because she felt alone.

I even said her name, but the distance must have been too wide for her to hear my voice.  And maybe the panic prevented her from hearing her name...

I ran through the crowd & she saw me coming & relief instantly came across that face... I was there all along.

The Bible says that when Jesus was arrested,

"Peter followed at a distance...." - Luke 22:54

Here is a man who was near Jesus... & then pulled away...putting distance between he & Jesus. 

Did that distance cause him to panic?  Not to hear Jesus anymore? 

Obviously it did because next thing we see is Peter denying Jesus...3 times...

... oh how the distance must have felt wide...

Did he feel paniced?  Did he feel alone & lost? 

But Jesus came to him... 3 days later... Peter saw him - heard his voice...

what relief he must have felt...

Jesus died... rose again... conquered death so that there doesnt HAVE to be a distance between  us....

I pray I never run so far away that I dont hear His voice... see His face...


  1. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this, Rebecca...many THANKS!

  2. Girlfriend,
    How I wish I could have been sitting in your Communion Service as you taught. My heart is so full from just this part of it. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

    I love you girl ~~ have a Blessed day,

    PS Have you heard from Gretta?

  3. I pray the same!

    I had a similar experience with Xander in the grocery store not long ago. He wandered down the aisle we were on and I walked over to another section, but I could still see him. He couldn't see me though and when he turned around and didn't see me he started yelling my name in panic, "Trina!" {I've taught them to say my name instead of Mommy if they get lost.} He was completely panicked and started crying. I was calling him but he didn't hear me until I got closer to him. The relief on his face when he saw me was moving. I stopped right there and hugged him, telling him Mommy would never leave him that I always stay close enough to see him. Oh me, it was emotional.

    Thinking about it now, that situation is a great analogy for walking away from the Lord. You are the QUEEN of analogies! :D Wish I had thought of it! lol

  4. Very good stuff, my friend. I liked how you explained how you could see her, but she couldn't see you. Though we walk away, God's eyes are still upon us. He is so wonderful!!

  5. amazing post... Have a great day.. Yes, Alyce looks so big holding a baby it melts my heart..

  6. What a great message for easter!

    You're always so inspiring, how do you do it?

  7. This is so so beautiful.

    happy late Easter to you!


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