Sunday, April 24, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 17

April 17 - Sunday - Time to say goodbye.... we took Julie & the boys to the airport.  Here they are waiting in the airport... Isaac with his new toy... & see Luke back there on Ricky? He was sicker then a dog.. he had a fever & just wanted to be held & wanted to sleep.  I felt so bad for him!  Then it was time to go & Mr. Isaac did NOT want to go.  It was awful... horrible... words dont even explain.  Ricky had to get a security pass to be able to help Julie get both boys to the gate.  I wasnt even sure they were going to let him on the plan because he just kept screaming.  Oh my... this was just a bad day...

April 18 - Monday - Tax Day .... Back to work & back to routine... & this was tax day.  I work in accounting, so it was a day full of cutting checks, writing envelopes, getting paperwork together... Whew...Busy day back!

April 19 - Tuesday - Its BLOOMIN' - after 16 months!!!! .... a co-worker got this plant for me LAST Christmas - yes, Christmas 2009.  It grew leaves but never bloomed.  All the leaves died off & I repotted it & more leaves came out immediately & this time, I got BLOOMS!  And this plant is amazing.  Like literally, at the beginning of last week, the stalk with the flowers wasnt even there.  Its like you can sit & watch it grow... so when I walked in & saw these huge blooms open, I was shocked.  It was a nice way to start a morning...

April 20 & April 21 - Wednesday & Thursday - UGGHHHH!!!!!! .... I could feel something coming on actually Sunday.  But it was staying off... until Tuesday night... & then it kicked in full force on Wednesday & Thursday.  My ears were killing me.  And I was told when my ears hurt, sinus medicine helps.  But my throat was like razor blades were just laying along the lining of my throat, so I downed BAGS of halls drops.... I'm not a good sick person.

April 22 - Friday - No Picture.... I had to take my dad to the hospital & it was too early to even think of a camera.  We got him home & I ended up napping... Headed to church for Good Friday service & was so caught up in the service to think about snapping a picture... it was a busy, tiring, hectic day... & no camera... I'm a failure...

April 23 - Saturday - Where's Noah? .... My goodness - we have been hit with some MASSIVE storms.  I'm talking about storms this week that had us sleeping in the basement a few times during the week.  And now, the results of all the storms - FLOODS.  Our roads are hilly & the water is ponding BADLY.  I ran out to get new running shoes & this was just one SMALL area of our road.  (The only safe place for me to stop & take a picture actually) .... most of the road looked like a LAKE... I've never seen it this bad around here before in my life... I kept waiting to see animals meet up 2x2...

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Easter Weekend!!!

I do plan on posting more pictures of the boys this week... so be prepared :)


  1. these storms are crazy, aren't they?!! We are currently under a storm/tornado watch AGAIN!

    has anyone told you that you have beautiful handwriting? I have the WORST and wish it was better.

    Sorry it was so hard saying goodbye. Oh do I feel for your daughter flying home by herself with the kids...I did that for many years!!! I hope she was seated by some understanding passengers!!!

  2. Those storms have been something else, haven't they? And we're in for another bad week from the sounds of it...boohoo.

    So sad about the boys being sick and upset about leaving...hope this means Julie will be more serious about moving closer to you guys!

    Hope you're feeling better now, sweetie!

  3. We've been having crazy weather around here too. Lots of rain, but thankfully no MASSIVE storms. I hope the Spring weather finds you soon!

    Happy Easter!

  4. Hope you are feeling better. It is sad when the children have to leave.. I hope you had a great visit and I can't wait to see more pictures.. Happy Easter..

  5. RJ! I want to spank your behind! Bad girl driving across water covered roads! *shakes finger*
    Sorry that the wee ones left... I know it's hard when family leaves. :-(
    I hope you get better soon!!! Being sick STINKS!!!

  6. My boss was saying that if we get a few more inches of rain this week we'll have beaten the all time rain record for any month - which is currently from January 1937 when the Ohio River flooded. I'm glad I live north of the river!

  7. I've just caught up on many past posts. What a beautiful daughter and great photography! And those little ones are precious.
    I really enjoyed this visit.
    Have a good week feeling better each day. (You were probably worn out and vulnerable to whatever bug attacked your throat.)

  8. So sorry your grandbabies had to leave...but let all the memories you made together comfort you. They'll be back before you know, I'm sure! Yes...being sick is the PITS! Hope you're starting to feel better already!

  9. I hope that your dad is OK and that you're feeling better. That flower looks amazing.

    Hugs & love,

  10. Poor Isaac and poor you!! I hope you both are somewhat better now! Beautiful flower.

  11. Aw I'm so sorry you got sick! I hope you're feeling ALL the way better now and that you had a great Easter!

  12. Oh, I feel SO sorry for poor Isaac, not wanting to leave, and for g-ma and papa. That is just awful!!! I hope all is well now that they are home. Hopefully little Luke is on the mend, and you to grandma. Goodness you have been sick this winter/spring.

    This weather is C-R-A-Z-Y!! Are back yard is flooded.

    Love you friend ~~ have a Blessed evening,

  13. I bet she was dreaming of Disney for sure..

  14. Oh poor babies...hope their flight was uneventful and everyone made it home safe and sound. Can't imagine traveling with 2 small sick fun at all. And hope you are feeling least it held off until they left. Love your flower...surprised it took so long to bloom, don't they say 6-8 weeks for those?! I have bought them for my classroom before to study plant life since they bloom so quick...well at least it did and it's very pretty! Hope you had a blessed Easter!


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