Thursday, June 07, 2012

Easier or Harder?

Yesterday was National Running Day...

did you celebrate?
did you even know it was National Running Day?
did you wonder why anyone would create a National Running Day?

It was...
& of course, that meant I had to run

& I've had a partner running lately

The good ole Hubs

Here we are right before we left... our feet...decked out in running shoes
You cant see it, but our toes are clapping in applause for NRD (I'm getting tired of typing out National Running NRD it is)

I find that God has such a sense of humor because yesterday, my scripture in my devotional I'm doing right now had these exact words:

"Run to God! Run from evil!
... Listen for God's voice in everything you do...everywhere you go;
He's the one who will keep you on track"
-Proverbs 3:5-6 (MSG)

A scripture that says RUN... on NRD....
you're cool God, to throw that in today

But I thought about it last night as I was going to bed...

Ricky has started running with me & Saturday, we did 5 miles...
we got home & Ricky wasnt even hardly sweating.
It was a cooler day, but you could tell it didnt even phase him to do 5 miles
& this was his first time out running with me...

Its so natural for him to run

He's got long legs, no body fat, strength like no other, an aerobic capacity that is amazing considering the fire accident he was in years ago...

Me?  I've been running for 4 years now... & I'm still huffing & puffing, my muscles ache & wear out fast, I cant loose a pound to save my life & I struggle every stupid run I do...

& I thought about the scripture of the day... Run to God...

Is it easier for some to run to God then others? 
It seems that way sometimes, doesnt it?

Seems like others have this God-inspired life that makes it look like the 'run' is easy... life always seems to go their way... nothing bad happens to them... they have the best attitudes... life just falls in place

& others, while running, seem to always be huffing & puffing, fighting the obstacles that get in the way, where it seems like the road keeps getting longer with each step

Both are running towards God.. but sometimes it seems like one's path may be on a padded, soft turf while others have a woody trail full of grown roots to trip over...

In the end?  Ricky & I finished our run together... We both got in 5 miles...I may have been more sweaty & ugly looking, but I finished... with Ricky helping me along the way....

I guess in the end, if we're running to God, it doesnt matter the path - we're all going to have an amazing finish waiting us...

Hang in there if you're feeling like life is a that rocky, hilly, root-infested trail...
You're getting stronger...
You're not alone....
Keep RUNNING TO GOD... He will keep you on track...


  1. Inspirational!

    Ricky could run that far first time out. Sigh.

  2. hehe I love how God through that scripture in! He is so funny and totally immersed in the details of our lives <3

    I had NO IDEA there was a NRD. . .and even if I did. . . you can rest assured I would not have ran lol!

  3. I Love LOve LOVE that Ricky is running with you!! I love it when my Mr. Winslow and I exercise together.

    I love how you brought this post together. Nothing about exercise is easy anymore. Thank you for making the correlation between that and my "walk". Love and needed this today.

    I love you so ~~ dawn

  4. What an excellent post. In fact, I texted your scripture to my hubby and girls and I plan to tweet your post. Others need to read this too.

  5. Great post! We need to remember that what seems like an easy race from the outside probably has it's challenges too.

  6. LOVE this post and the fact that you guys are running TOGETHER!!!

    Have you ever blogged about his fire accident? I don't remember...would love to read more...

  7. Ricky ran 5 miles? I'd definitely say he's a natural! Makes time go by so much faster when you have a buddy to run with. Another great lesson tied into a normal it!


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