Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea
Friday... Friday... Friday!!!!


What the hey?... today's high is in the 70's! 
This weekend is going to be nice too
... thank goodness I have a photo session scheduled for this weekend..
I would have cried if it got away from me

Could it be the first signs of Fall?
Probably not... it'll probably be skin frying weather again next week

Anyone still watching the Olympics?
This seems like the longest 2 weeks ever... doesnt it?
I was so excited about Misty May Traynor & Kerri Walsh
Pull one out for the 'old gals'
(Even though they're younger then me)
Their friendship & support of each other made me just want to cheer harder

Men's Marathon... this Sunday...
Go Ryan Hall!!!!!
Go Meb!!!!
Go Guy I cant even pronounce your name
(Abdi Abdiraham)!!!

I actually have the book written by Ryan Hall & the book by Meb (great book)...
Mr Crazy Name needs to get to writing!


I still dont care about the Mars thing

We cant keep people out of movie theaters with guns & knives
but lets spend MILLIONS of dollars to go to a place that
is going to tell us, "there was once water 50 Trillion years ago"
whooo-hoooo... (twirling finger around)

How about spending that money to help find the cure for cancer?
Or helping the elderly?
Or helping our education system?
Or ... or... or...
I can go on for HOURS about this


You may have seen this picture if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram

Tell me Pinterest isnt good for something....

A redneck recipe holder...

hey - it kept it off the counter while I was making banana bread
& right at eye level
... that hanger is now down under my kitchen sink because it will get used again...


I am so in love with this commercial....
I saw on the news that some people said it was offensive & disrespectful to
this young 12 yr old...

But they interviewed him & he said it inspired him to run
How is that offensive & disrespectful?

We're ALL capable of greatness!!!!
& hey... this guy is running at my pace... I dig it!


My niece helping my dad work on his barn...
this girl is such a helper...
loves to get down & dirty...

The other twin?
Probably inside doing her nails & hair
Night & day twins


Spat of the week:  SONG POP!!!

Anyone else playing that new game that's going around on Facebook?
Like "Name that Tune"

I love it...
except if you give me any "Rap" category...
I'm done when it comes to Rap

But I sent Ricky an invite to play me.
He was convinced he beat me
he didnt realize that speed counts too
You can get them all right, but if you're slower?  You loose

You would have thought Facebook & I went into some conspiracy together
just to make my score higher
I had to listen for the past few nights "Its WRONG - I BEAT YOU"
When it clearly said the score was 4:0

"OK - Facebook is wrong on just mine & your scores... happy?"

But Ricky outsmarted me...
last night, he used his 'coins' & bought the "Heavy Metal" songs
As of this morning, the score is 4;1

Facebook is WRONG!!!! He didnt really beat me, did he? ;)


Hope you all have a fantastic Friday...
& hope the cool air is getting everyone
We all could use some relief, couldnt we?


  1. Haha!! Lovin' that "redneck" recipe holder.. totally doing that one day :)

  2. The high today here is going to be 81. Almost in the 70's ... and certainly cause for celebration! What's equally exciting to me is that there isn't a single day with a forecast in the 90's for the next 10 days! Woo hoo!

  3. Did you see the interview the girls did with Bob Costas the next night? They held hands during the whole thing. A great friendship.

  4. I saw the hanger last night on my phone, and I laughed! But really, such a practical idea. I have to try it. And, even though I purge pins, I'm going to pin it so I don't forget!

    Happy weekend!

  5. I don't see one degrading thing in that commercial!

  6. I have been watching the Olympics and love that commercial. Yes, he has said he is ready to get in shape - so it is a good thing. I hope he meets his goal.

    it was def cool for some "old broads" like us to win some medals - I felt the same way - same with that gymnast who was in her late thirties. She didn't win anything but made it there!!

  7. I am with you and love the I still dont care about the Mars thing comment


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