Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Yes - every word deserved a period after it to drag out the sentence like my week has been drug out... ugggghhh!!!!


Its a busy weekend (as usual)

Tonight?  After Hours!!!!

Its our Youth Pastor's idea of a Lock-in - except they dont stay overnight
The kids were a little upset about it at first,
but we reminded them that once you get past midnight,
everyone is sleepy, cranky ... & let's face it...
just plain stinks

so this is a better plan
Kicking them out early... we get to sleep in our own beds


Its also the same weekend for Women of Faith
I had to make the choice to go or stay

I just feel my call is youth ministry
& even though its just a night of fun, its still connections that you make
so I chose to stay...

if I get pizza puked up on me, I'll probably regret my choice

This weekend?  Another big event?
The streets will be full of athletes that I am in total awe of!!
They swim... they bike... they run
for a total of 140 miles...
I'll never do it,
so I'll do what I do best
& cheer them on!!!
Ricky is going with me so he can witness it himself
... & then we're headed to the fair for some fried foods...
seems about right
I'm still all "new car paranoid"... or NCP
kinda like OCD but with different letters
(I know that makes no sense... its Friday... my brain is fried)

But I have black carpet, black leather seats, black dashboard
& every piece of grass on the carpet,
every piece of dust on the dashboard
its driving me crazy

I told Ricky I need to keep a fund of spare change so I can stop at the vacuum cleaner every Friday & clean my carpets. 
I already have a container of wipes for my dashboard.

& I already told Ricky, during winter, when snow gets on our shoes?
I'm making everyone take their shoes off & put in the back in plastic bags.
too much to ask?


Who do you think got the job to tell Queen Elizabeth about Harry's "Vegas Adventures"?

Do you think she just expects his behavior now?
We'll keep him clothed on this site... I'm actually too embarassed to put the Vegas pictures up...

 I still love the kid... he just seems real...
What is the deal?
Leave Lance Armstrong ALONE!!!!
I think the whole thing is just sad ... & stupid...
You're going to strip away his titles & ban him from cycling?
For a guy who NEVER tested positive?
We live in a world that love to tear people down
I dont get it
Any Big Brother Fans?
Ricky & I were literally high fiving & screaming last night
Frank is Da MAN!!!!
I'm rooting so hard for this guy...
the whole house is against him, but he just keeps a cool personality
odds are, he wont win... but I'm still rooting for him

Here's a good example of the stupid things in life that make me laugh
I honestly laughed till I cried when I first saw this...
.. & I still laugh when I look at it..
I dont even know why

Spat of the week:  The whole car buying experience
We'll just wrap it up with one title
I get stressed in situations like that...
I just want someone to tell me what to do
Is this a good deal?
Is the car ok?
Should I buy this?
I just want a straight answer & when Ricky would say, "What do you want to do?" - I just wanted to kick him in his shins...
this is the one time in life that I bring up the scripture of 'wives submitting to your husband'
& then he tells me to get the car, & then I'm like
not really... but kinda...
Big purchases... a spat waiting to happen
Hope you all have a Fabulous Friday!!!!


  1. The Lance Armstrong thing is just dumb. The guy is retired and everyone in the race with him was doping as well. This is a good example of just let it go.

  2. That flying toddler pic is hilarious! Thanks for the Friday morning laugh. :)

    Good luck on the car thing.

  3. I hope I never have to drive you anywhere - I'm pretty sure I saw a tumbleweed rolling around on my floorboard the other day :)

  4. NCP. It's a great anagram. My car is almost two years old and the dust and dirt STILL bother me. I think I may be OCD and NCP. ;-)

  5. I do not like car buying at all, either. My parents constantly ask me about cars... and I'm like: it's YOUR decision! We still haven't bought a car yet.

  6. My husband spilled orange soda on my new car's carpet two months after I got it while on a road trip. I didn't talk to him the rest of the drive (8 hours).

  7. I find big purchases very stressful. In the end you just have to tell yourself that you made a choice and that it is possible that all the choices would have been good ones.

    I find that picture pretty hilarious too.

  8. Well hello there RJ,
    The whole Lance Armstrong thing has me wondering why people aren't focusing on more serious problems. I mean really. Over it.


    The flying toddler pic makes me want to put on my Super Girl shirt!! (yes I have one. No judging =)

    I love you and your splats and your heart!!
    (HAHA I put splats.....I'm leaving that in there =)

    Have a super weekend ~~ dawn

    PS is Ricky going tonight too? Good initiation =)

  9. Having worked a TON of youth lock-ins back in the day, I SALUTE your YP's After Hours idea.


  10. Having a new car is stressful. The old one I have, meh, I'm okay with grass and dust! ;)

    Hope you're having fun driving's so COOL!

  11. Ya know, I'm glad I didn't miss this post. That flying kid trips me out. Love him! And poor Lance. Yes, I say, leave him alone already. People just find happiness in bringing others down.
    And what to say about Prince Harry? What does he have to lose anyway?

  12. NCP - I love it! And I'm with you on the car buying experience. I hate it ... it's really time to trade in my minivan, but the stress of finding a new one is just too much ... I'll just keep driving my minivan until it falls apart. ha!

  13. I appreciate Lance Armstrong's example for kids; ignore the haters.

    I was going to suggest the wipes in the car until I kept reading :) For me, it was obsessing about the first dent. grrr

    I admire your decision to do the lock-in; the kids need people like you. :)

    Thanks for linking up--Have a great weekend.

  14. I love the flying toddler too! That's just cute!

    I think the whole Lance thing is ridiculous.....they have spent so much money trying to make him guilty and I don't know if they even really know, I don't think it matters at this point.

    I want a new car but I think it will be a while. :)

  15. I used to love those all-night lock-ins--after being up all or most of the night and into the wee hours of the morning, sometimes we'd go to the doughnut shop next door or to McDonald's or Denny's for breakfast yet!


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