Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea
the time where Isaac is creeping up to us
Yes - all the way in Indiana...
we're supposed to get up to 6 inches of rain
Looks like a wet Holiday weekend
Anyone else so pumped up to have a Holiday weekend?
An extra day of sleep
... when it needs to be an extra day of laundry, cleaning the house
& getting my garage clean
that's my goal
I want my car out of the rain
poor baby
My jaw still hurts like a son of a gun
 its making me have to chew food really slow... & carefully
I need Alicia Silverstone to chew my food & give it to me like a baby bird
(... yes, I too just gagged at that)
See this man?
Source: via Diana on Pinterest
He's what's wrong with the world...
at least when it comes to self image for women
They had a challenge on Project Runway to design for an "Ordinary woman"
You'd think they had to design for a giant from Jack & the Beanstalk
That guy repeatedly told his 'client' that she was 'too big' for accessories in the design room.... had her in tears...
I'll give props to the Louisville designer who had fun with it & said he loves designing for ladies of the south, because they have curves...  
Fantasy Football posts are popping up everywhere
I have no idea what Fantasy Football is
In my mind, it would be a team that is throwing glitter & rainbows,
while unicorns are running around the field
Cant get much more fantasy than that!
Anyone else having a hard time finding good oranges?
I may have even said this before...
& I'm STILL looking for some!!!
They all are yucky, or taste like dirt
Confession:  I havent watched one second of the Republican Convention
But I did watch my first episode of Honey Boo Boo
...maybe I'm what's wrong with this world...
Our new addiction:  Edamame
Its been in our basket now for the past few weeks
& the Hubs LOVES it
we have challenges to see who can pop out the beans out of the pods the quickest
...competition makes everything more fun...
 Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday! 


  1. I saw that the Honey Boo Boo ratings were higher than the convention. I don't see anything wrong with that (said the Democrat who is just waiting to see what tv show will rate higher than her party's convention - ha!).

    I thought you said you needed to clean your GARBAGE & I was about ready to drive over there & have an intervention!

    You know - that model was a size 14. I would LOVE to be a size 14. Sigh.

  2. And this week he decided that he would use his real world knowledge and make dresses that would sell at Lord & Taylor. I really only know a couple of people who are model size. And the Lord & Taylor woman has money and I doubt she would let someone talk to her like he did. She'd walk and take her money elsewhere.

  3. I saw Clint Eastwood's speech last night at the convention and he owned it! I had no idea he has such a good sense of humor! Now, as for Honey Boo Boo Child...oh, my goodness! I'm sorry, but what in the world??? That family has no manners, whatsoever! They completely lack self-control in all aspects. I hate to say it, but it's kind of sad to me that shows like that get propelled to the top of the ratings. As a southerner myself, I kind of take offense to it. I think it give us,as a whole, a really bad name. It's just one of those shows you watch with your mouth gaping wide.

  4. Being the non-tv person I had to google Honey Boo Boo... and now I realize one of the reasons we cancelled cable... of course the other was things like the political commercials and conventions...

  5. I don't even look for oranges until December ... I am just never very happy with oranges in the store during the summer.

  6. I love edamame! So good.

    As far as laundry goes, it just never ever stops. Let it have a holiday too.

  7. I watched almost all of the convention and I loved the speeches and I love, love, loved Clint Eastwood! He's a hoot!

    I think most of the fruit this year is not as good because of the a. drought or b. was either too wet or too dry this year.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. I saw a bit of Clint on the news, and I have to say he seemed like a doddering old man...

    As for the three day weekend, my kids told me they were excited, and my response was, "Not nearly as excited as I am! You just can't tell because I'm too exhausted to act excited."

    Seriously, two days with morning meetings, a late night with parents (two sessions of open house), construction the week school starts in the town I drive through to get to the town in which I teach, new curriculum that I still haven't figured out...

    Yes, I've got tons of homework, but the key word there is that root word..."HOME"!

  9. The only thing good about Honey Boo Boo is it reminds us how not to act. I can only hope with the money the child is earning it will be put away for her education and that would be a good thing.


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