Thursday, August 02, 2012

Rock N Roll all night... party every day...

Friday Fragments has been put off a week to talk about our big night...

Wednesday night, Ricky & I had a date...

We were headed out to Ricky's dream place...

The KISS Concert

KISS is to Ricky, as to Steven Curtis Chapman is to me.

He's seen them 9 times... this would be my 2nd time... we were both excited to see these old fellows do their rockNroll thing

The concert started out with a group called "The Treatment" - a young group from Great Britain.  They had some catchy tunes.  But you could tell no one really cared to hear them... bring out the big guns.  We felt bad for them actually.  But Ricky reminded me that even if no one paid attention, its still better then playing in a bar. 

It seemed to take forever for the concert to start... the tickets said 7:00 - well, Motley Crue didnt come on until after 8:00...

Wow... let's just say, we were embarassed watching Motley Crue...

It was just so raunchy...

I was embarassed for the kids (yes, parents brought kids to the concert) & teens.  There were a few teen boys behind me & all I could think about was the kids in our youth group. 

(I do have to note... the kids that were at the concert, most were dressed like KISS... some were AWESOME!!!... there was one little boy that was FULL Paul Stanley geared up.  People were taking his picture all over the place.  Watch out Julie... I can see Ricky getting Isaac and/or Luke dressed up next)

I liked Motley Crue growing up... & liked Vince Neil on The Surreal Life... but WOW... (that's all I can say)... every other word out of his mouth was the F-word... like it was oxygen or something.  And there were girls on the stage in the most minimal clothing I've ever seen on a female. 

At one point, I even thought about the girls & thought in my mind, "What happened in their life that they had to do this for a living?"... it was THAT bad...

Motley Crue put on a BIG SHOW... but it was like it lasted FOREVER!!!!  They ended up playing over an hour & a half...

Come on... we want KISS!!!

KISS fans are the best

Then they had to take the Crue's stage down & put up KISS's stage...

So it was like 10:45 before KISS hit the stage...

Dont people know it was a work day?  We were up before the sun rose that day... I was wearing down.  I think most people were.  People were yawning & wearing out.

But KISS jolted everyone up....

But you could tell from the beginning, Paul Stanley's voice was missing something.  Scratchy... tired...

I follow them on Twitter & Facebook & saw they had done 2 concerts before - so the 3rd day in the row?  His voice was gone.

Makes me wonder if they HAD Motley Crue play long to wear out the time...

Gene Simmons covered a LOT for Paul's voice...

I kept noticing in the big screen, Gene Simmons had on his wedding ring... good job Shannon!

It was still a great concert... but short.

It was like, BAM & they were doing the last song.

Ricky even looked at me when they came out for a bow & said, "THIS IS IT - ITS OVER" ... it wasnt as long as their usual concerts.

Dont know if they had to be out by midnight - which was cutting it close - or what happened... But it wasnt the KISS concert Ricky was used to.

But, we did have great seats... & while we were disappointed, we had a great time & enjoyed seeing these old guys still ROCK OUT!

I'm just glad we took the day off work the day after... because these guys may ROCK OUT at 60 years old... but I was beat down at 40 & couldnt even imagine my alarm going off 4 hours after I got home.

I wont be surprised to still be seeing these guys touring when they get into their 70's... they still know how to ROCK!!!....

... & Ricky will still want to see them...

He has grandchildren that need to learn all the ways of KISS afterall :)

We ROCK N ROLLED all night... but I didnt party every day... I choose to SLEEP


  1. Yay for the wedding ring. Yay twice for you knowing to take the next day off.

    I don't know that I could name a single Motley Crew song, but KISS? No problem!

    What fun for you both!

  2. I'm in your boat....9:30 hits and I'm ready for bed!

    So glad you guys had a great time and that Ricky got to see them AGAIN! :)

  3. KISS did not play long and the CREW was rhochi but it was still a GREAT time being out seeing my all time favorite band (KISS) with my all time favorite person

  4. Yay for the wedding ring!!!

    I love Family Jewels. He was sooo sweet when he saw Shannon and when he said "I wish I would have done this sooner".

    Rock on KISS!!!!

  5. You two are so sweet!!! I LOVE that last pic.

    You two rock =)

  6. oh love that last picture!! what a great way to spend a date!


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