Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend Wrapup


* The cool weather kicked in... it felt like Fall... the clouds looked grey & fluffy - the wind was cool & chilly... what a difference from what we've been going through lately

* Started a new book "Monday with my Old Pastor" ... I'm so deeply in love with it already.  I have highlighted half of the book already...

*A new (good) book & cool weather?  That means being out front in my rocker...

*Out front?  These two dogs dont care for each other, but they'll act like they do if that means they can sit out front with me for a few minutes...

*Sleep with the windows open... aahhhh....


*So glad it was Saturday... when you sleep with the windows open, its just a different sleep... & I was glad I didnt have anywhere to be early so I could just lay in bed & enjoy the coolness

*Time to start it up again... training...Want to do a Fall Half Marathon, which means the training kicks in NOW...Ricky started as well, but he can do the advanced training.  Me?  I'll just focus on what I always do - just finishing... not so worried about being super speedy.  Its not in my DNA

*Cleaning time... On a mission to clean the house a bit... even got carpets outside & cleaned them in the nice weather

*While being out front - what do I see?  Two HUGE deers running across my front yard... around noon!!!... that surprised me...

*Headed out to pick up a shower head... yes, Ricky put one up for me last week, but that cheesy thing broke when he put it up... thank goodness I got it free to review from Amazon.  I'd be mad if we had to pay money for it...

*Sam's Club... we took a break & sat down for a bit... ahhh

*Got home could not have been longer.. or more beautiful...


*Men's Marathon... GO MEB!!!!... but what the heck happened to Ryan Hall? & Abdi?  ... that's gotta be so disappointing for them to have a DNF in the Olympics...

*Church ... its been fun because they're doing a series talking about running.  They interviewed me & 3 others who have ran a race & they've been playing the segments before the messages.  Today?  my segment included me saying "diarrhea" on the big screen....& know what?  No one was surprised at all...

*Quick lunch with the hubs... because we headed to meet my next Bride & Groom...They came in super prepared.  Love that... Cant wait to be a part of this wedding - its totally going to be exactly who this couple is

*Off to pick up a birthday cake for my next stop...

*Cake Smash session with a 1 yr old... its interesting doing a 1 yr old picture because you totally work on THEIR time.  She was on the go & didnt want to sit down for a picture, but I got some great expressions... & when we finally pulled out the cake, she was all about that.. "mo... mo... mo"... its her way of saying "MORE" - I learned that quick! :)
(I'll post pictures soon of this beautiful face)

*EXHAUSTED!!!!.... this weekend wiped us out!  we got home to watch Big Brother - I totally missed the Closing Ceremonies... I was just ready for bed...

onto another week...


  1. We're sleeping with the windows open here, too. Best sleep ever! Although I did have to scramble at 2AM this morning to run and shut all the windows because it was raining. But it was raining! - so it was worth the scramble! ha!

  2. I'm smiling, sitting here and reading your post :)

    LOVING this weather! I'm determined to give the old a/c a break all week long! This fresh air is addicting!

    Another wedding? Good for you! You did an amazing job with the first one!

    Good luck with the training...that's awesome that Ricky is doing it with you!

  3. I love sleeping with the windows open. Sounds like a perfect weekend for you guys.

  4. You're so crazy busy! Seriously, I can't even imagine what you'd be like if you had little kids to raise.

  5. Oh, I got tired just reading all that! You are a busy girl!

    I laughed because thinking about talking about running with diarrhea in the same sentence sounds ominous!

    Love to see wedding photos and little children photos! Such precious times.


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