Thursday, August 30, 2012

my mouth is worth more then my car...

I've been living in denial for the past few weeks...

I've had a tooth ache.

I LOATHE dental stuff.... & goodness knows I've been through it all before

so I knew what lay ahead

another root canal... my 8th to be exact

& with each root canal, comes another crown...

Do you have any idea how much each trip to that dentist costs?  I hope you dont because then you have a mouth full of healthy teeth.

Me?  I keep grinding my teeth & breaking them... this is what happened ONCE AGAIN...another cracked tooth.

...I must have some vicious dreams...
...or major stres...

... or both...

I got in the dentist office yesterday at 1:00 ... got in the dentist chair about 1:15... & I didnt sit upright until 6 PM... 6 PM PEOPLE!!! Figure that time out...

that's a long butt load of time

to be in this position

(This is the picture I took to send to Ricky when he asked if they were doing a root canal
... I think it answered the question)

Of course, things dont go easy for me.  One of my canals had an 'issue' & he had to redo it 15 times... FIFTEEN!!!!

(Do you hear my frustration?)

Fifteen times they had to drill the canal, fill it, xray it... & take it out & do it again...

I thought for sure with over 15 x-rays, I was going to walk out glowing & radioactive

AND... on top of all that?  I got lock-jaw. 
I've never had my jaws lock in my life... until yesterday...

They heard my jaw pop every time I had to squeeze the side of my face to make it shut.

Whew... I was exhausted...
& broke...

I got home to find my hubby had me a bowl of warm soup waiting for me...
much needed love right there

Then we sat & figured out that my car cost less then the total amount of work in my mouth

... & the worst part?  I still have ugly, crooked teeth...

Life BITES sometimes... just be careful when it bites, that you dont break a tooth


  1. That sounds perfectly horrible.

    My dad lost all his teeth before he turned 30 and had to have dentures the rest of his life. Though that sounds easier than what you have gone poor thing.

    Do you wear a guard at night to keep from grinding your teeth? My dentist has tried to get me to order one, as I do occasionally grind my teeth (when sick or stressed).

  2. ugh! I am so sorry!! I have 2 crowns so I feel your pain!!! But that is a LONG day!!!

  3. I know how much it costs. My husband had an accident and broke 7 teeth. We are still working our way through fixing them and the crowns still haven't arrived.

  4. Ouch!! I was at the dentist yesterday too - first cleaning in 18 months, so it took longer than usual, but nothing compared to your day!

    I talked with my dentist about how I've noticed that I clinch my teeth together all day now (since my surgery - don't know what changed). He recommended getting an appliance from a drug store to see if that would help before spending the big bucks on something from then. Maybe you should do the same!

  5. Boo!!!!!! I'm so sorry friend!!!! That's the pits!!!! But then you didn't need me to tell you that, right?? LOL! :/

  6. You were serious when you reported that you were going to get your 8th root canal. Ouch! My hubby has had several root canals ... and recently had to have a tooth with a root canal pulled ... he had developed an abscess in that tooth.

    Hope your mouth is feeling better today.

  7. I've never had a root canal before, but I've heard they're no fun! So sorry for all you've had to go through! I just feel so badly for you! Hope today is much better, my friend!

  8. Ugh that is sooo incredibly annoying to have to go through!! Hope the recovery is quicker than the amount of time spent in the chair.

  9. I once had a root canal that took over six months for the doctors to get fixed right. You have me beat and then some.

    Poor woman. Figuratively and literally.

    Ellen/Ellie (from work)

  10. I would have had to be taken to the psych ward! I am so claustrophobic and I've had several root canals and crowns and every time I have to take something and have nitrous! Even then it's horrible but as long as you were there, I'm afraid even my dentist would have had to join me in the nut house!

    I was going to ask about the night guard too. It sounds to me like you might have a little TMJ (the expert here).....I wear a night guard every night and have chew right through two of them and I'm working hard on the third. I've also always ground my teeth.

    I do know how expensive they are and I'd so much rather have the car!


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