Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Wrapup

(If you're viewing in Google Reader, the pictures wont show up... so come on over & visit my blog... you know you want to see the pictures yourself)

BIG WEEKEND!!!!!  You'll see in the first 2 pictures what happened...

1.  Good bye old friend... I actually teared up when they got in my Santa Fe & pulled off... I loved that car.  It was a good one through the years.  Really never had manjor problems with it & it got me through the past 6 years.  I left my magnet knitting needles on the back as a tribute....

2. Hello new friend ... FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How long have I been looking for a car?  Its been about 3 months now.  I finally walk away with a Ford Edge... Its got a double moon roof, which makes me want to look up instead of on the road... & it had leather.  UGH - I hate leather... but Ricky (& the sales guy) was convincing me how nice it is to clean.  I just know my butt & back of my legs burn on it.  I have to say, its not a "new" car - but it still has that new car smell... Now, the rule? No eating or drinking in my car... at least for the first few months while I enjoy the cleaness of a fresh car.

3.  Photo Shirts.... Chasity & I went out on probably one of the MOST FUN photo shoots ever.  We had a little 7 yr old - who LOVVVVED the camera.  We would tell her where to go & she would instantly give me pose after pose.  I bet anything, when these pictures are edited up?  They're going to be in my top 3 favorite sessions.... but Chasity & I got to sport our new photo shirts for the session.  Arent they cute?  I really like the way they turned out... now, I'm going to order some more in black.  And how about an 80's irritating color - like neon green?

4.  That's a nap.... Ricky was tired after getting our yard all beautified... Sydney didnt want to miss out on a nap with her daddy.  She's gotten too old to jump on the bed now, but I lifted her up there so she could lay next to his legs... it didnt take long, she was snoring... doesnt that picture just make you want to take a nap yourself?

5.  Sweet Treat ... The Hubs has a sweet tooth - anyone that knows him knows this.  So he has been begging me for weeks to make this for him.  I had some time after my morning run & decided to get to cooking... OH  MY... this is a chocolate chip cookie OVER a brownie... YUMMMMM...he was like a little kid staring in the oven, waiting for the timer to go down.  And let it cool?  PULEEZZEE!!!... he was scooping it out hot & gooey... just how he likes it.

6. Jim Bob... We took some pizza over & had dinner with mom & dad on Friday & look at the new little visitor... or new little home resident.  This cat showed up at their house Friday morning... its the sweetest little thing. A purring monster.  & yes, she's a girl.. but my mom wanted to name it after her brothers... so its name is Jim Bob... as of now.  The twins want to name it other things - so we'll see what the final name is.


  1. Yay on the new car! That day will be coming before too long here, I fear. When it does, I will not be buying a brand new car, either ... but one that is new enough to still smell and feel like a new car. ;-)

    When I was growing up, we had a dog, a female, who we named Homer. Why? Because my mom had once had a favorite cat named Homer. ;-)

  2. so I'd love to hear what you think of your ford Edge. That is one I am considering!

    those brownies look amazing! made my mouth water a bit!!!

  3. LOVE: the new car, the new t-shirts and a model who loves the camera! Yay for you...sounds like a great weekend!

  4. Congratulations on the new car!! Love that you left your knitting needles in the old car as well!! Such a sweet picture of your Sydney, our Casey loves to lay at my feet/in/on my legs while I'm sleeping too. Naps are so much better that way!

  5. Just the other day I was thinking about what kind of car I'll get when my Saturn finally dies (which I hope won't be soon since we just spent over $900 on it!). I would love to hear your unvarnished view of your new car so it can go in my car file :)

  6. Cars, and Kittens, and Brownies, OH MY! You *did* have a big weekend!

  7. As the Church-Lady would say, "My, don't we think we're Special" driving around in that new fancy car of yours with no cookie crumbs in it. Hey, wasn't it Rickey who almost choked to death on a Twix Bar in the car? Does that count as eating?
    Love the shirts and anything 80s always gets my approval. Marky says "Relax"!

  8. I saw the shirts on fb and looooved it! So cool looking! :)

  9. The word nap makes me want to take a nap.

    Third day of meetings, school with the kids starts tomorrow. Sigh.

    Love your new ride and the T's!

  10. one of my best friends has an edge and LOVES it. We had a Tuscon that Oldest son is driving now...we've had no trouble out of it and it's a 2005.

  11. Your new car is gorgeous!!! I wanna ride =)

    And I am definitely seeing the wrong pictures. I see no pictures of the yummy dessert, or is it just my old eyes? =)

    Love you friend ~~ have a blessed evening ~~ dawn


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