Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday... YES!!!


Another beautiful weekend on tap...
& another fun photo session up for grabs
....a 7 yr old SASSY Diva...
not my words, but her mom's
... I love SASSY...


I'm having an 80's mourning period today
Journey, Pat Benatar & Loverboy is in concert tonight
... & I'm not going...
between KISS & the upcoming Broadway of Beauty & the Beast
& also wanting to get tickets for Wicked
well....I didnt have the funds to do one more show

So tonight... I'll put on my Journey CD
& shine my flashlight around the room
& pretend I'm at the concert


OK... I know I'm a loner in this...
I'm not afraid to say it though...
...I like Miley Cyrus's new hair cut...
while I do think she looked 'prettier' in her old do
I think she looks 'edgy & young' in the new do
You're only young once


I picked up my co-op basket yesterday
There were 8 ears of corn on the cob
Ricky loved it the last time I made it so he was pumped for dinner

I opened up 2 of them only to see WORMS all over the top of them
One - the worm was so freaking big & had literally ate the ENTIRE top of the cob
it was sludgy even

I got the rest of the corn out of my frig, looked in the drawer
I was just freaked out

it all went in the garbage!!!

This is organic & not sprayed so its to be expected I guess
but I was so freaked out, I just tossed it all

... & then I had nightmares of my frig being taken over by worms...

I stayed up to watch The Glee Project Season Finale on Tuesday
... felt like a 13 yr old cheering on Blake...
& thought he was the one least likely to get picked
... & HE WON!!!...

I REALLY felt like a 13 yr old girl squealing...
& then my alarm went off the next morning at 5:30 AM
& I didnt feel anything like a 13 yr old girl anymore
My age caught up with me quick... YAWN...


We really live in a world where Honey-Boo-Boo gets a reality show?

Any other So You Think You Can Dance fans?
I was so excited to see a Mia Michael's flashback show
... until I saw the dances again...
I loved the dances... but none of the people were as good as the originals
... that was disappointing...

Now, we need a Nappy-Tab flashback show


I'm kinda addicted to this song lately...Shake it Out

But even more so because I saw it on Travis Wall's new dance show...
check out this routine.
AWESOMENESS in motion!!!

& look - in his company is a lot of SYTYCD peeps
Melanie... Allison... Nick...the chick with the bright red lipstick that got kicked off this year... the guy that I LOVED that got eliminated in the final round last year & they cut early during auditions this year...
good stuff!!!


  1. Okay, so that was NOT the picture I saw of Miley on the People website, the one I saw was SO SO awful, but this one is half way decent. I need to send you the other one!

  2. I kind of like the cut - but not really the color. I like her better with darker hair. [Women are so opinionated - ha!]

  3. Worms in your corn ... that's bad enough. But worms in your refrigerator ... ewwwwwwwww! I would have had to pitch everything in case those nasty worms crawled over anything else!

  4. I was yelling at the tv during Glee Project thankful they picked the right person.

    I agree mostly on SYTYCD remakes. The addiction dance was as good as the original in my opinion thanks to Cole.

    I really need to check out the other show if they show a lot of dancing. If it is a lot of drama I can't do that.

  5. I didn't know Miley got her hair cut...but I like in that picture. It's really cute on her.

  6. You know what, even though I had to see through her Disney show for years, I never really cared about Miley Cyrus. But I agree, I love that do! And now maybe I even like her too!
    And you are the 2nd blogger that I follow who mentioned Honey Boo Boo today. And until today, I never even heard of her. That's going to be one freakshow for sure!

  7. Dear pop culture nut, I thought of you today when a Chicago radio station was giving away Xanadu tickets...


  8. Worms in corn. Yech. Double yech, actually. We used to pick our corn every year at my grandfather's farm. I will never forget the time that we were heading the short distance to our home when I spotted a corn worm in my mom's hair near her scalp. I freaked out. You have my sympathies.


  9. I've found a corn worm or two in my day - - - they are big ugly monsters.

    Who wants them taking over the fridge????

  10. Glad you threw out all that corn--what an awful thing to find in your frig. No wonder you freaked! I didn't realize worms even liked corn!


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