Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I have fizz in my life again...

We're coming up on 6 months...

6 months of NO DIET COKE!!!

I was addicted like someone you would see on "Intervention"...

But I broke the habit...

& honestly, I have to say it again, if I can do it, you can do it...

But now?  I have a new addiction...

Sparkling Seltzer Water!!!!
Even better?  ... in a can!!!!

So its that old feeling of having a can in my hand

& its bubbly & fizzy in my mouth!

Now I've gone the past 5 months with just tea & water... & its been fine...
but I've just missed that fizz

& then when we went to Nashville, I saw Julie was drinking this...
I gave it a try

... & I thought it was an Alka-seltzer...
...thought I may vomit...

but its like Diet Coke
I didnt like that at first either

so I just drank one every day
& now?  I love it...

I now have fizz back in my life...

Anyone else care for Seltzer water?

(Note - if you try to substitue this for soft drinks, read the ingredients... some have some artifical sweetners in them... find the ones that have just "carbonated water" & no juice)


  1. I've been doing seltzer forever, and when I crave the fizz I stock up.

    People (I think even you did) think it's gross when I suggest it, but that and club soda (in restaurants) helped me give up diet pop.

    I still have a real Coke now and again for a treat, and it tastes so good. :)

  2. You know, I gave up Diet Coke not long after you did. And I didn't have any trouble at all ... and to this day, I don't crave Diet Coke nor do I even miss it. My hubby still drinks Diet Coke, and I've never once been tempted to take a drink of his. ;-) I substituted unsweetened iced tea ... I want something cold and something with some flavor and caffeine in the morning ... I switch to caffeine-free iced tea at lunch, just like I switched to caffeine-free Diet Coke before the switch. An added benefit is that it's a lot less expensive and a lot more environmentally friendly. ;-)

  3. Couldn't find the post that had your "redneck recipe holder" thing...but is this your Mom in this photo?

  4. I LOVE Sparkling Water! My favorite is LaCroix (that may be a regional thing). I agree....a great sub for soda!

  5. I tried one a long time ago, and didn't like it. But maybe I just wasn't persistent enough.

    Water with lime is my daily staple - but I would love to have a little fizz mixed in. Hmmmm.

  6. I haven't had it but I know lots who rave about it. It sounds like something one must get their tastebuds used to.

  7. You're just like Stella getting her groove back!


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