Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Back to the beginning....

Yesterday was the day...
The day to start all over again.

My training for my 6th half marathon begins again.

& you'd think it'd be easy & nothing to think twice about.
After all, its my 6th time doing this...

But this is coming out of the Post-Christmas time...& post-back injury (which still hurts)
I haven't ran since December.

Yes - I've continued to work out doing yoga & Pilates, walking & spinning & even pulled out my good ole VHS tapes.  Let me tell you, some of those workouts are still pretty awesome.  & some of them are pretty corny & embarrassing to even look at.  (What was the deal with one piece unitards that ride so high up on the thigh that it was under your arm pit?)

The first day of training is a 40 minute trek on the road.
40 minutes on the first day?
Its going to be a long 14 weeks

But I kept thinking about the next 14 weeks.
That's a long time
& you don't know what lies ahead.
So I said a prayer over this training... this next race...
Expecting the best is still yet to come

Thinking positively...

Because I believe this...

& yep, starting over again always makes me think of bigger things...

Like how we get new chances every day to start over again
that thing called Grace

A new beginning is always a fresh slate to try again
...for a better you

So are you starting at the beginning again of something?

Go for it!
Pray over it!
It will be worth it!!!


  1. Girl, you continue to inspire us all. If anyone can pull off this challenge, YOU CAN! Rootin' for you all the way!!!

  2. I thank God that he gives Do-overs! I so need His grace every single day!!

  3. Love the verse you chose for Beth Moore's Scripture team! :-)

  4. You got this! :) I am looking at a 15k at the end of April and gotta get my rear in gear to get to pounding out the training.

  5. I'm so happy for you dear friend.
    I miss running SO much!!
    I still try sometimes,
    but it never works.
    Replaced knees don't run.
    That needs to be a shirt =)


    I have renewed my commitment to healthy eating and exercising to the best of my ability.
    It's work.
    But it is WORTH IT!

    Thanks friend ~~ I needed this ~~ love you ~~ dawn

  6. You can SO do this!!! Have complete faith in you!! XOXOXO :)


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