Friday, January 04, 2013

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea
Friday!! .... I think....
What is today?
I will say, I'll be glad to get back on a regular schedule
The days of work a day, off a day, work a half day, work 2 days, 2 days off
I need regular schedules
my body needs regular schedules
Speaking of my body - I can tell I'm fighting getting sick
Wonder why...
only except EVERY PERSON AROUND ME has had the flu
I've been nauseated since Monday
...its getting old & can stop now...
I'm getting a new newphew today!!!!!
Cant wait to hold Baby Evan in my own arms
Nothing like the smell of a new baby
& we're celebrating our youngest grandbaby's birthday
3 years old
We're getting Grand TODDLERS now
not grandbabies

Yep... I got SQUISHED yesterday!
My first mammogram
... & it wasnt anywhere as bad as I thought it would be...
a tad awkward
but by the end, I coulda walked out topless & not thought anything of it

I came in late on the Passion 2013
so today, I'll be going through the sessions & getting caught up
Session two - the girl singing with Matt Redman?
She looks like the girl that opened for Believe last year
Wouldnt that be the coolest job EVER?
Leading worship in that sort of atmosphere?
What a dream
Speaking of dreams...
this week is going to be torture #1 for me
...seeing all my running blog buddies leaving for Disney World...
Next weekend is the big half marathon/Marathon
Torture #2 will be in February when everyone leaves for Disney
for the Princess Half Marathon
I'll be having a pity party that weekend
TV is back next week.
No more reruns
Funny of the day:
Happy Friday everyone! 


  1. I forgot all about Passion 2013!

    You're not the only one who NEEDS a regular schedule! ;-) When I was working, it was hard to enjoy those mid-week holidays because of the havoc that was wreaked with a disrupted work week.

  2. Andy caught a chest cold right after Christmas and now I'm the lucky recipient. I told him, "you give me so much, but THIS I can do without."

    And that pic about the noise? TOTALLY TRUE!! Especially on our farm, at night, when I let the dog out. EEK!

  3. So far I haven't been sick either. For someone who has a severe issue with ear/sinus/throat issues, this is a strange event. I'm not knocking on wood, I'll just be thankful if I can continue skirting bugs for the next few months.

    For your tummy? Drink ginger tea (usually it's mixed with lemon). It settles nausea, calms acid indigestion, and helps with constipation. And, you know, it's tea, so you should be all over that!

  4. Sir Cuteness has been so sick!! He came home sick on New Years day, and I mean SICK. We took him to the doc yesterday because his eye got all gooped up and RED like bloody red looking. He has pink eye and a raging sinus infection, plus had the stomach flu, and has busted a blood vessel in his eye.

    Yep ready for spring and no more flu!

    Happy Birthday to your Grand Toddlers =) but we both know they'll always be our GrandBABIES..... We just won't tell them =)

    Love you sweet friend ~~ dawn

  5. I need to get back into that regular schedule thing too. I've loved the time off, but the on and off stuff has me pretty messed up. I keep forgetting stuff. 2 days I forgot my medicine and 1 day I forgot my keys and had to get someone else to unlock my office. Ughhh! I must be getting old!

  6. If your mammogram wasn't bad, be VERY thankful, mine are PURE TORTURE.


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