Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

the first full week back after the Holiday Hub-bub
... it was rough...


My training for my next half marathon starts Monday
I'm actually excited about it
My body is feeling very BLOBBY lately
& yes... Blobby is a word I need to copyright


My new ache & pain?
Burning in my low back
I mean BURNING!!!!! 
It feels like someone is pouring hot liquid down my lower spine
I swear, since I turned 40, I think it's all been downhill

I need some Bob Harper or Dolvett in my life to get me back in gear
... no Jillian Michaels please...
she's just mean


New Scandal last night!!!!
I just love Huck
loved the hastag they had at the bottom of the screen #freehuck

This show is as close as I get to politics
but it freaks me out 
does that kind of thing really happen?
No.... not in America
(I'm saying with sarcasm)


With Blogger being a pain in the butt,
I havent been able to post pictures lately
but I'm trying it today in Google Chrome - so I think it will today

But the other day when I got my hair done, a lady walked in
I gasped... literally
I thought she was holding my dog, Zoe

(NOT Zoe... but her doppelganger)

(you cant see Zoe very well in this picture - but loved this... she loves sleeping in dirty laundry)

We found Zoe on the road so we never even know exactly what kind of breed she was
The lady said hers was part Shi Zu & part poodle
that makes perfect sense - Zoe doesnt shed
I may have been looking on Zoe's sister right there!


Its going to rain for 3 days straight....
why did I bother trying to straighten my hair?


Mind blown?


So yeah... I want to go see Les Miserables again
... nothing like seeing it on the big screen...

I already told Ricky that when it comes out on DVD
It will be played on a constant loop


Happy Friday everyone
Stay Flu-Free & have a Fabulous Friday!!!


  1. My daughter would go with you. She wants to see it again too. I think she listens to the sound track a lot. She says even that almost makes here cry.

  2. Old ... I turned 50 on 12/20 and have been sick with the flu ever since.

  3. I am feeling blobby lately too! :) :) Have a good weekend!

  4. Oh, just wait until you turn 60! My shoulder and neck are the two that bother me the most!

    Good for you with the running though, even through the pain!

    I watch Scandal sometimes and I'd be willing to bet that kind of stuf happens on a daily basis, of course I also have a conspiracy theory problem! :)

    I think Zoe is gorgeous!

  5. Zoe is so cute!!!! I love that she has two names, "Zoe Christeen." My aunt have a boy named Shelby who's part shih-tzu and part poodle and looks a lot like Zoe.

  6. I went back and watched Scandal again. I definitely missed the ending the first time, but willed myself to not fall asleep this time! Glad I did!

  7. I like the sound of blobby, I think I feel it too.
    I am heading back to out of the house work tomorrow after only doing a little in the house writing work for the past 15 days because I was sick. 5 a.m. has me terrified right now. ugghh.
    I have not seen Les Mis yet. We saw Silver Linings last weekend and 0 Dark 30 today. Both were amazing. Hopefully it will be Les next weekend.
    Be careful with that back burning...
    Have a Blessed week!!

  8. I get the tingling in my lower back sometimes too. I have yet to figure out what it is. All I know is that I get it when I stand too long. It doesn't happen when I teach...only when I'm working in the kitchen. I guess that must be it. I'm allergic to working in the house. Maybe yours is the same?


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