Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday... the day we work for!!!


So anyone else watch it?
Lance Armstrong?
It got kinda old really...
over & over with him saying, "Yeah I took it"
I coulda watched Scandal

I'll watch part 2 tonight hoping for some more info though


By the way, what the heck is BLOOD DOPING?!?!?!??!
That just sounds disturbing

I just Googled it & its "boosting the red blood cells in the bloodstream to enhance athletic performance"

Can I get that done on a daily basis?
Sounds like a burst of energy I need


Oh come on....
if Bill Clinton can come back after lying about an affair
& Tiger Woods can still have commercials after his little hijinks
Lance Armstrong is gonna be back down the road

Welcome to America - where we love a good comeback

(Sorry OJ Simpson - that doesn't apply to you)


Anyone else having problems with Pinterest lately or it is me?
It just freezes every time I go to a pin
or if I try to 'pin' something, I have to try it like 3-4 times before it'll work

Between Pinterest & the problems Blogger has been having,
I really do need a blood doping


Anyone watch American Idol?
I did watch the first night
Goodness gracious....
Mariah Carey & Nicki Minaj are just going to end up scratching each other's eyes out & pulling off each other's wigs.

(I almost wore this exact same outfit to work today)

I just miss my goofy-faced Steven Tyler

I'll probably watch once it gets to the Hollywood week

But I will say, I have an Instagram friend 
(I actually did her best friend's Senior pictures)
She's going to be on the audition round
....but I guess they made her sign her life away because she hasnt hinted if she makes it or not


Speaking of American Idols...
I really want Phillip Phillips new CD
I heard him on Jimmy Kimmel & really like his new song
...although it does sound a lot like "Home"

Another American Idol CD I want to pick up?
Colton Dixon
He's released his Christian CD
Fingers crossed he makes it ...
His version of "Everything" is still one of my favorite AI performances!


Is this the COOLEST wedding ring picture ever?


Anyone else feeling the pain of a lesser paycheck
with the Social Security tax increase?

I keep saying, with taxes & health insurance raising every year,
& no raises in our company for the past 10 years
I am the face of America....
people who make less every year



Freak out of the day:

I could look at this over & over...
its a sink with the water going down it

crazy - huh?

Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday

& stay away from EPO & Blood Doping everyone... it'll catch up to you!


  1. Now that's a cool picture. At first I thought it was an eye and after a few seconds I finally realized what it was.

    Love the ring and the dog picture too.

    Yes, I'd be more inclined to watch AI if Steven Tyler was back. Who knew? I never even knew who Steven Tyler was until I watched AI with him on it. I never listened to rock music. However, after watching him on AI it was way more fun riding Rock-n-Roller Coaster at Disney World because he's in the pre-show.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Ok, I laughed out loud with the OJ comment!

    I did NOT recognize colton on that cover.

    The wedding ring photo is absolutely the sweetest I have ever seen!

    One bonus about being in the can opt out of SS...for now....not that it will be there for us anyway.

  3. I haven't watched Idol in years. I don't get paid until the end of the month so I have no idea what it will be yet. But luckily I'm going to get a raise next month so that should negate the cut...right?

  4. I love the cool water picture and the puppy with rings picture. Very awesome.

    A boost of energy would be really nice right about now. Coffee isn't cutting it these days.

  5. Very cool ring picture.
    I quit watching AI after a boy that graduated with MS was on it. He made it until the "pair off", when they put 2 people up against each other. Local boy was better, hands down, but the other boy made for better tv, so guess who went through? He said that they were told from the beginning that it wasn't just about talent.

  6. OK...let me first say that I've had enough of you and Nathalie whipping up on me so badly on Song Pop! I mean, cut me a little slack, will ya? You two are out for blood! ;) Be goal is to take you both down!

    Yeah...I couldn't watch much of Lance Armstrong last just felt so repetitive. I'm moving on...hopefully, he will, too. Didn't you just love that last guy on "American Idol" last night...the one who stutters? I've always found it so fascinating, as a speech-language pathologist, that stutterers can sing and read fluently. He had such an amazing voice, too...pulling for him all the way! I miss Steven Tyler so bad...Nicki just seems too bossy.

  7. I do really like Tiger and Rory's new Nike commercial - - - no matter WHAT Tiger has in his past.

    Your "I almost wore this exact same outfit to work" comment made me spit and snort!

  8. Blech, and Michael Vick has made a comeback, which makes me absolutely sick.

    "(I almost wore this exact same outfit to work today)" -- hahaha! Thanks for the chuckle. Heehee. Next time I go to the salon maybe I'll have my hair done in yellow and pink.

    I could look at that drain picture all day, too, because I fantasize that one day, our bathroom sink will drain. Just. Like. That. The eye thing is kind of creepy though.

  9. You win in my book for the most interesting frags! I did watch Scandal, because I just don't like Lance. He just got too big for his britches! Although I could use that blood doping myself some days. I love that picture of the wedding rings on the Dog's nose, maybe because we had a wonderful yellow lab and I can see him in that picture. The sink draining? Did everyone else think it was an eye or just me? Have a great weekend......I can't get started on the tax thing or my head might blow off......

  10. I did not watch Lance Armstrong.

    He lied for a long time, even when he had a chance to fess up, so I don't know if folks will be as quick to forgive him.

    We'll see.

    Great ring shot, love it.

  11. Great frags!
    We watched both nights of Idol. Omgoodness I miss Stephen too.
    Those two are going to battle.
    Blood doping has been trending all day
    I think you are right Lance will resurface... jeeze.. only in America.
    Have a great weekend!!

  12. You had me cracking up throughout this post... I think it's the first time I've really seen your "snarky" side appear.

    Oh, and I'll fight you for that fine outfit.

  13. You forced me to google things, like 'blood doping' and 'instagram'. When the heck did I get so out of the loop! Lol


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