Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday... FriDAY.... FRIDAYYYYYY!!!!!

Everyone still frozen?
Its been a miserable cold here...
but then I hear temperatures up north & think our 'teen' temps sound tropical to them

But its snowing today.... & will be in the 60's next week...
& in the teens again next weekend

This is so true for our area


Anyone watching "The Carrie Diaries"?
I think I'm a sucker for it
...Carrie Bradshaw & 80's style & memories?...
yes please


Speaking of TV 
I have to say... kids today don't stand a chance
I was so surprised when 3 of my shows in one night had a "warning" for "mature audiences"
Regular TV now has to have ratings?

& the shows even had things that embarrassed me

New Girl
Raising Hope
The New Normal

Not to mention that the new show "The Following" was so violent, I kept thinking,
"This is on regular TV?"

& then I couldn't wait for my guilty pleasure of Vampire Diaries where everyone's necks get ripped out 



& can totally see Ricky teaching his grandchildren to do exactly this!  :)


So its always a fun time having dinner when you hear that North Korea has a nuclear bomb headed at you
... & plans to fire it...

Jesus come today please


I heard on the radio this morning about a lady in South Carolina
that was charged for attempted murder because she was strangling her boyfriend
Why? you may ask....
Because he kept hogging the blankets in the middle of the night

I think this is teaching every man in America a valuable lesson


I love my tea
& saw this in Target the other day & thought I'd give it a try

I made the Wild Berry tea last night
.... my eyes actually popped open...
it's fantastic

Its probably got something in it worse then Diet Coke


Hope everyone has a Fantastic Friday!!!!


  1. We had a blanket struggle last night! I would never strangle my husband, but I have been known to grab hold of those blankets and jank them back to my side. We have a king sized bed. There are plenty of blankets!

  2. I love tea, too! I got Chris a Keurig for Christmas and I use it all the time now to make hot tea every day. Guess it was kind of for me, too! We definitely live in a CRAZY world these days...your stories prove it!

  3. We put one of those fruit tea packets in with our big bags of tea to make iced tea. Helps cut out the bitterness.


  4. Oh my goodness - - - the SC woman strangling her sleeping partner for his blanket hogging - - - I call that JUSTIFIABLE HOMICIDE!


  5. I is worrisome. I think The Following sounds creepy even though I love Kevin Bacon.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Twinings has a hazelnut chai & almond chai. YS said they're really good. I wouldn't know because he hogged the samples I got in the mail.
    The weather picture is sooo true for the Knox-vegas area, too!

  7. I am amazed at the stuff on prime time t.v. now. I often have to send my nine year old out of the room.

    That picture is hilarious!

    Happy Friday! :)


  8. Haha I had to post the Kentuckiana weather cartoon to facebook. Too true. If you don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes.

    Say, what's that Internet Cafe badge on your sidebar?

  9. What is it with the blanket struggle? I feel kind of bad, but last night Hubs was already under the covers when I was getting ready for bed. Instead of brushing my teeth, I was laying on my side on top of the covers petting the cat. When Hubs tried to yank the blankets, I didn't move. He got nothing. lol

  10. Yea, I don't think I am missing much without TV here. It should make us a bit nervous that folks are getting so de-sensitised. The bar keeps getting raised on the shock value.

  11. I like your short fragments--never watched any of those shows.

  12. Its been really cold the last few days and I saw on my phone the high on Monday is suppose to be 71. What? Huh? This weather is so strange.

    I Love you sweet friend ~~ dawn


  13. sorry about hogging the blankets love you sweetie

  14. The Diet Coke comment cracked me up... I know that I should give it up, but it's my worst vice. And I figure that if I die, well, I'll die happy.

  15. Watched The! So violent, but an intriguing story. What sadness, though, to see the girl killed at the end. I kept waiting for Liam to come rescue her!


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