Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Wraup


* Went to get in my corner spot to catch up on some DVR goodness... but got booted by Buffy.  She curled up on the couch & was sound asleep with my pillow.  How can I make her move?  So I ended up in my computer chair.... the things you do for your fur babies.

* We watched Betty White's "Off Their Rocker" for the first time... some of the reactions are pretty funny


* Ricky had to work, but no sleeping in for me... we had an electrician coming.  I got up early to straighten up & was happily surprised that Ricky had cleaned the bathroom for me.  SEE!!! I knew he knew how to do it.  Now I'm going to make him do it more often ;)

* Lights EVERYWHERE!! YIPEE!!!  We got new lights put in our foyer, recess lights in our kitchen... dimmers installed in places, light switches added.... it was an electrical haven happening.

* Disney Day on ABC Family... makes me happy

* I forgot how much I loved Mary Poppins.  Julie Andrews & Dick Van Dyke were so young looking!!!

* With Ricky off at work, I got to get my hammer & nails out... he hates when I put holes in the wall.  But I got to hang this beautiful creation a friend made for us for Christmas.  Y'all know I love Scrabble tiles - so its perfect.  This wasn't an added nail, but I had a cross hanging there & added it to our cross wall... one cross makes me have to arrange all my crosses.  I love our wall.

* Headed to a Send off Party for my buddy Joe.  He's been like my little bro for years.  We've taught in youth ministry together, he was my pal who would help me get through boring days with emails back & forth,  he's just been a great friend through the years... & now, he's heading off to the Navy! I cant believe it.  But Ricky & I are cheering him on & excited for him & his family.

* They sent me home with sweets for Ricky (Ricky had to stay at home with the electrician).... dang it!  I ended up taking a small piece of cake to see what it tasted like... not expecting it to taste like sugar straight from God himself.  It was amazing... so I ended up eating the biggest piece of cake I've ever had.  Drats!  More time on the treadmill needed.

* Ricky & I turned on & off lights all night long looking at the beautiful new look in our home

* Watched all the Casey Anthony stuff on Lifetime.... still blows my mind how our legal system works.


* I was up to teach... loved the message I was able to deliver on TRUST... even had a fun 'trust fall' in there.
Closed the message with a fun video of people doing "surprise trust falls" ... & then at the end of class, everyone going "TRUST FALL" (I'd show the video but it wont let me embed)

* Ricky & I headed out to lunch.  We get the veggie plates & they were out of potatoes. WHAT?  How do you run out of potatoes that early in the day... but they said they could have them ready in 25 minutes if we wanted to wait... we actually enjoyed the wait.  We were in the corner of the place, it was quite, relaxed - we had an order of onion rings to pass the time... it was a great lunch


* Headed to see my parents... & got to see a family friend.  It was nice chatting the evening away

* Ended up missing the women's ministry first night... but wouldn't have traded it spending time with my parents & our friend

* Once Upon a Time... poor Chip.... I screamed

Time to start our week.... our COLD week... hope everyone has a great one!!


  1. Looks like it was another weekend where you didn't stop! Well, at least you got some things accomplished and enjoyed yourself along the way, too, right? I missed that Casey Anthony movie! I still can't believe she hasn't surfaced. You mentioned having a cold week. Well, Chris flew to Detroit this morning...the high is expected to be 19 and a low of, THAT'S COLD!!! Better him than me! Happy Monday to ya!

  2. My doggies kids bump me off the couch.. worse, they bump hubby off the bed. He doesn't handle that well.

    We need new lights in our kitchen too. We have a repairman coming to fix the leak in our ceiling. Perfect time to get the new lights!

  3. Girl, how do you make it staying so busy. But it all sounds like fun. I like the recessed lights in your kitchen.


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